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How to Deal with a Player?

Updated on February 8, 2016
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

A Man's Heart Is Deep

The supremacy men hold lurking in their person has the power to construct, or destroy family values. A woman dearly holds the value of the man she trusts to commit herself to, in an aspiring pedestal of hopeful moments. This can contribute to the building of a loving and caring family, even, if no children are born into the relationship.

Even then, there are certain men who'll take advantage of the vulnerability of a particular woman. They tend to toss women aside like a 'rotten potato,' once desires are met, as some men say jokingly. This is the devil of a relationship, a poignant state of affairs indeed. The selfish act of this man has, in essence, created a fragment of a broken dream, with a superficial love interest that is destructive, to state the least.

The 'Meat Market' Scenario and Men Who Cheat!

At times, it's reversed, and it's the women who toss their boyfriend away like 'rotten potatoes'. The case of a woman habitually breaking up with a lover for a fresh new man is a matter beyond the scope of this article. Though, you perhaps were thinking about this scenario on how women cheat. This is how the term 'meat market,' became popular; with the epidemic of the terrible dating scene of a one-night stand.

We are going to stay focused here on the men who continue to change over lovers and cheat, and who have adopted the nasty phrase of being a 'player'. This sex craze man is still more gruesome, if he's married, and cheats on his wife! The infidelity of such a man hurts many people, his spouse, lover, family and especially his children. The repercussion affects those involved for an extremely long time, and causes a lifetime of insecurities for all parties.

Women are sexy by nature; this is not a reason to be taken advantage of by selfish men!
Women are sexy by nature; this is not a reason to be taken advantage of by selfish men! | Source

A 'Player' Is Forever Insincere, Guys' Who Cheat

The term 'player' has come about when a man traps his lover with insincere words together to defile herself. Next, this handsome fellow decides to break up for one reason or another. This separation leaves a wretched woman feeling empty, and broken inside. It takes years for a love hurt to heal, especially when it's short-lived. A torn woman will tend to hide her hurt by burying it inside, and trying to forget about her lost love. Though, she'll never forget how mixed-up, he made her feel, because insincere guys cheat.

As a young woman, how can you protect your delicate, vulnerability, before, this 'monster' of a man? Your ultimate protection from such a deep violation of your inner feelings is to recognize the signs of a destructive love scenario from the start.

First, you must intuitively listen to your instincts that nudge you, in a delicate way, whispering within, something is not right with your man. Listen to your inner voice, and act intelligently to avoid getting hurt!

Players Get a Kick Out of Treating Women Badly!

There are men who get a kick out of treating women solely as a love object. You must exhibit tact, when you meet such a shallow guy. This player will definitely camouflage his true feelings in a deceptive pretense, to lure you into a meaningless relationship. Then he'll literally drop out of your sight. In other words, he'll become extremely aloof and unapproachable. You must beware for your safety and sanity! Your life depends on you and what you do. You must judge your man right to protect your fragile feelings.

Beware of the Smooth Talker!

If you have the impression your man is a smooth talker with missing substance, it's best to withdraw yourself from his presence, as shortly as possible. Before, he masquerades tricks, to fool you into eloquently doing the things he desires of you for sheer fun.

Be exceedingly careful when you come into contact with this type of man. If you or an insecurity within, merely loves his looks, you'll most likely settle for any man who wants you for your beauty too. At least, you'll have a man seem interested in you for a short time. He'll be a smooth talker. Besides, he may change, and so you think. Beware! A man does not change, nor can he, unless he has a drastic change of heart, Jesus Christ Needs to Come Into His Life! This is nearly an impossible feat for cheating and insincere men, for sure, however there is hope!

It Takes Time to Create Real Love! You Must Test Love.

It takes a good amount of time to create a love that is real, where lovers become one in mind, body and spirit. True love is full of respect, trust, honestly and sincerely. A man who loves you will grow with you, be interested in the things you love, love your company a lot, and will not ever cheat on you, nor make you feel inferior or degrade you. Your lover should place you on a 'pedestal,' because he honors you, as much as he loves himself.

A Player Will Create a Disorder Within You

A man deemed a 'player' will not ever do what is right by you. His ugliness, though he is handsome will cause an inner disorder within you. It's best not to intertwine yourself with such a man, to avoid desperately feeling depressed and hurt.

Realize the emptiness within this type of a man has the power to cause you pain, along with a feeling of emptiness. Leave such a man flat in his game! What a man of this caliber deserves is a true broken heart, a heart that forbids him to trick a woman, a heart that is sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Every woman deserves the best. She must be cared for with the utmost respect. Women should never be used as sex objects by men only. On the extreme side, prostitution and pornography would desist, if players esteemed family values, repelled self-centeredness and selfishness.

Men must realize women naturally live by instinct and are the weaker sex. The aftermath of a fake, shallow love interest is definitely not worth the headache, and the heartache it takes to get there. Therefore, it's up to women to beware!

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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