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Why some women call other women siddity?

Updated on June 15, 2012

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Changing your Attitude

Why women call another woman siddity? This is a stigma that has been place on our black people for so long. We get the misconception that any educated woman is siddity. Which is not true. In urban dictionary the word Siddity means. Adjective describing an African American, often a female, who acts as if she is superior to others, especially other African Americans. Synonyms: stuck-up, arrogant, aloof. This is more of a social issue between two people. One is educated book wise and the other is educated streetwise, now if you combine the two you are dealing with an unstoppable force. Real men find these women to be extremely attractive and keep able. While other men are intimidated by them, because of their strength and ambitions. As a man I am daring all my black women to step the game up and get educated and not allow your pass to affect your future. Bad things happen to people all the time for a reason, as we use to say that what don't kill you make you stronger. You have the strength and the courage to do so, and make yourself a believer. stop judging others and learn how to compete and rebuild your self esteem and confidence. You are beautiful in all aspect, but allow people to see the beautiful mind that you have as well. You got a Queen bottle up in you and now its time to allow yourself to grow and flourish as well. So may you be bless and strong.


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