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Why is the man always taller than the woman?

Updated on June 28, 2012
She is 6'4", he is 5'6". Should this matter?
She is 6'4", he is 5'6". Should this matter?

Think about it. Almost in all relationships between and man and a woman, the man is usually taller. There are exceptions, but those are rare. Is this a dating cultural thing that is innate? Is it related to genetics? Is it just a psychological oddity that neither thinks about much? Maybe by instinct, women gravitate to a taller man and men are repulsed by a taller woman, no matter how hot they are. Maybe its in a man's instinct to be taller, to be the protector, as it was centuries ago.

It's weird. It seems odd, visually, to see a couple where the woman is taller than the man and the more extreme the height difference is, the odder is seems to outsiders. Does it have anything to do with sexual positions? A short man having sex with a tall woman could have his face no higher than her breasts, making kissing an issue. Now, having a taller man does not present the same issue because during sex the man's position is more adjustable because of being on top. Imagine a man 5 ft. 6 in. making love to a woman who is 6 ft. or greater, if the man is on top, kissing is a problem.

Usually, guys are made fun of when they are shorter than the woman. Nothing serious, but jabbing does occur. Is this true for women who are much taller than their man? One of my early HS girlfriends was taller than me by about two inches. Not a big deal to us, yet, in HS, comments came as walked around or we might get stares. I must admit, it did bother me a little, just because the "rule of law" in our culture is the guy should be taller. It is one of those silent, unwritten, rules of society that just permeates into everyone's minds. TV, movies and commercials all solidify it even further.

Where did it come from?


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I thought it was something like you describe.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      As I recall my studies of human anatomy and civilization from college, historically speaking women select their mates to provide for sustenance, protection, and superior genetics for themselves and their offspring. In hunter/gatherer groups, these would be the alpha males, best hunters or providers capable of killing large animals. As we shifted to an agrarian-based society, these would be the farmers and ranchers who were able to put in long hours in the outdoors to bring in the herd or crop. In our modern era, with less dependence on early hunter/gatherer behaviors, who are our alpha males? Those who can provide FINANCIALLY for their families. In this case, it can be a football player, firefighter, or a computer techno-geek who just produced the world's next big app and is rich enough for any women.


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