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Why men sometimes need to cook for women in relationship?

Updated on September 13, 2014

As men we can express our thoughtful gestures by cooking for our woman on occasion.

I have heard the expression "everything happens for a reason" many times." People use it without really giving credit to the oldest source of manuscripts that clearly point to the source of "everything happens for a reason."

Some of you may be familiar with biblical text in Old Testament of the Bible, specifically in the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon, the author, gives us ancient wisdom, which the Bible as whole clearly conveys to readers about how biblical God gave wisdom to Solomon that transcends generation. In Chapter 3:1, He writes

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven."

The concept behind men cooking for women reminds me of the lessons my mother instilled in me in my adolescent years. My father was unfaithful to my mother sexually and ended up leaving. My mother raised four boys by herself and was adamantly about teaching and cultivating the building blocks of cooking. Though she really desired to have a girl, but she got four boys. Living with her, she insisted that I observed the process of cooking and the different requirements for different dishes.

Some of her motivations for culinary education are as follows. First, She did not want me to be hungry when the time came to move out. My mother's argument was that single men must be able to enjoy home food when women are not around. So I began to practice my Culinary Art Education at home and became comfortable in the process. All of my brothers received the same lessons. In addition, my mother wanted her children and grand children to continue to experience Ghanaian food recipes in the home.

This is easy to admit. I would never be able to cook like my mother. I learned few tips of eating healthy since she wanted to maintain her blood pressure. For example, when baking, broiling, and frying chicken (we rarely fried chicken), she always taught me to remove the skin because the skin contains saturated and unhealthy fats. Further, when baking chicken, periodically she informed me to pour out the juice that was in the baking pan and throw it out. I can anticipate what some of you might be thinking. You may argue that the juice can be used to make the dish taste better. I would agree with this point, but I would disagree with the point when I consider the health benefits by throwing out chicken juice. Also, I learn to decrease salt in making soups, stews, and other dishes.

The importance of men sometimes cooking for women becomes evident. In a relationship, I feel special when a woman cooks for me. Therefore, I prefer and somewhat expect my woman to cook for me. As a man, I feel great inside with a woman cooking and I get excited. However, I think and feel that some occasions, I want to serve my woman by completing the task of cooking. It is a humbling experience for couple reasons. 1) I deal with my "id" to put it in Freudian terms. According to Freud, the "id" is one third of a person's personality that wants to always get what he or she wants and needs. Sometimes, men receive subliminal and direct messages in society to not to cook for woman because such behavior undermines the nature of being men. 2) As a serious servant of Jesus Christ, I am advised to submit to my wife ( I am just giving the context of scripture even though I am not married) and vice versa. By conducing myself as servant and humbling my societal generated ego of being a man, the name of Jesus Christ is exalted in the relationship.

Again, I prefer a woman to cook for me. There are times that I express my appreciation and exercise the attitude of humbleness in relationship. Because my mother took time to teach me how to cook certain foods, I can make quality time for my woman and enjoy the process.

Cooking is an art and we want to take time to present great piece.

Baking Chicken-Healthy Style

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 2 hours 55 min
Ready in: 3 hours 15 min
Yields: Serves Five people


  1. Buy a pack of fresh or frozen chicken thighs
  2. Remove the skin
  3. Put Chicken thighs into a bowl and wash them thoroughly
  4. Add seasonings like curry powder, chicken seasoning from New Orleans Style, black pepper, Kick'N chicken seasoning, Lemon pepper with herbs, and salt
  5. Put pieces into a pan
  6. Set temperature to 300 degrees and check periodically

Do Your Best

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