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Why does my Filipino girl want me ?

Updated on March 26, 2016

Why does a Filipina want to marry a forefinger?

She is in here twenties, or late twenties. I passed the sixty years limit, in the spring of my life as they say! I'm in my sixties. I have friends in their seventies , got a pretty girl longing for them. Some other friends are overweight , diabetics, with hypertension or suffering more worse diseases, their girl friend or wife is so pretty, young , very healthy and very attractive.

There are many reasons why a Filipina wants to catch and marry a forefinger: Financial reasons may take the first place reasons, but not the only nor the most important. Other reasons; their longing of having children that have the father's look , the Filipino dream to move and settle in a better country, or the true love that ties her with a foreigner accidentally without any plan.

All foreigners are Amercanos!

Financial status is a very strong reason why Filipino women like to be connected and marry foreigners. Foreigners are rich in the eyes of Filipino girls even they are really not. As a foreigner, at least you can afford to travel to Philippines while their local Filipino men cannot afford to travel from their province to Manila. You are holding dollars , Filipino men can hardly hold pesos. You can sleep and live in an hotel , while they cannot afford to get a bed space in a poor pension house! So you are rich , regardless of the truth. This is how Filipino girls look at you and me.. I'm American like any foreigner in their eyes, while I never been in America. She knows that I'm really African from a poor country with most of the population live below poverty line. Even though, I'm American in her eyes and I'm rich!

All foreigners are Americanos for Filipino , even ih he had never been to Americca
All foreigners are Americanos for Filipino , even ih he had never been to Americca | Source
Wedding of foreigner and a Filipina
Wedding of foreigner and a Filipina | Source

Filipino man vs a foreigner

When I look around me, to the staff working for me, or to those applicants applying to work abroad, or to ladies I meet any where; in the bank, in the mall, a typically repeated status for more than 50% of Filipino girls. A single parent !
Most of Filipino girl, specially those from poor or middle class families have the same cycle. The girl would get pregnant by her boy friend when she is around 16 to 20 years old. The relation would end, the man would disappear into no where. The status becomes "single parent". Most of the women shoulder their child needs alone after the father had disappeared, with the help of the grandparents. The grandparents would register the children as theirs in government records. The child looks at his mother as his older sister rather than a mother.

What all those ladies left as single parents will do the rest of their lives? Do they have to look for another Filipino man after being traumatized from the first one? A foreigner is the answer for many of them! They look for a foreigner, boyfriend or husband if possible. With the foreigners, they would never end to nothing like with their X-Filipino man. They either end into marriage and making a family which is the Filipino girl dream, or end into some financial stability as a girl friend. Many Filipino women are running businesses just because one day they were girl friends of foreigners. I know some women, they started as domestic helpers in Gulf countries, and now ended with recruitment agencies offices ownership in the Philippines.

Don't become and ATM machines

I met so many Filipina girls in Philippines and in other countries where I had been working before. There are people who are lucky in money, I'm not one of them sure. Maybe I'm lucky in many things, money is not one of them. So, I'm very careful to the extent that , I reject any girl asking money from me from the very first start. Even I block the way to do that. I have a common say, that I say it repeatedly to any new girl in my life, no matter why she was introduced tom , or why she came to me. I tell anyone , simply I can help you earn money by teaching you how, but I cannot give any money. "why?" A question in the eye, I answer:" because I don't have money to give, but i have many other things that can help you make money" .. Next time, she wouldn't come if she was intending to make me her ATM machine, because the machine is obviously empty.

Don't be shy , and don't let her know the way for her hands into your pockets, you wouldn't be able to get her out again. She will stop finding ways to get money to flow from your pocket into hers. It may end you in you tube crying telling your stories for every one , like a crazy old foreigner, almost crying in his video why telling how he loved a girl that deceived him and ran away after she had exhausted him financially.

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