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It's gluten free & oldest profession: Harlotry

Updated on October 9, 2015

The ancient profession

Prostitution as been referred to as “the world’s oldest profession” in which sex is traded for money and the proprietors are cunning and committed to their trade. To word prostitute is derived from a composition of two Latin words: (preposition) pro and (verb) statuere, literally; ‘to expose’, ‘to place up front’.

Today a prostitute is sometimes called an “escort” which is more distinguish than the 18 century name, “whores”. Prostitutes sometimes parade themselves as a streetwalker or ghetto hookers. Prostitution disregards all racial barriers and all age groups.

In recent years they have tried to take away the stigma of the name and are now called "sex trade workers" and this makes it easier for one to give a complete analysis of the employees involved in the industry including, pole / lap dancing, kerb crawlers to high priced call-girls and pimps.

Prostitutes were called Harlot in biblical days. One of its Hebrew name is the word qĕdeshah (kadeshah”) means a female temple prostitute, a name given to those principles who were consecrated to a pagan god. In Jewish literature Jezebel, the Zidonian princes married to king Ahab of Israel, had temples built wherein temple prostitution was a form of worship to the deity known as Ba’al. Athaliah, the daughter of Jezebel prolonged this practice in Israel until her death.

Zanah was another name given to those females who committed fornication, or play the harlot. They could also be committed to a cultist practiced and not merely a means of income. Such was Rahab the harlot who received the spies in the book of Joshua, and because she sheltered them she and her family was saved as the walls of Jericho came down.

In the book of Judges16:1 we are told that Samson went up to Gaza, saw a (prostitute) harlot and went in with her. The Hebrew translation of Harlot is in this instance was 'ishshah zanah, meaning a "female prostitute". The emphasis on gender implies that there was an abundance of male prostitute in Gaza as well.

As it was in the time of the ancients, so is it now, men and women are allowing themselves to become pawns, trapped by the spiritual enemy into developing dishonorable “soul ties” with whomever they have been involved.

The sad thing is that they do no realize that this indulgence will need spiritual deliverance from what they believed at the time was mere entertainment. This ancient practice that is given the contemporary name of sex trade worker, is the destroyer of many marriages, brought confusion to many young lives, not to mention the untold number of abortions and suicide. Prostitution is advertised as the selling of love but on the contrary, it is a very violent industry.

In the past, “kadeshah” or harlotry was symptomatic of an unclean “kerbside” profession and though the world may smile and engage them for their "entertainment", most religions consider it a profession that is in much need of deliverance.

Nevertheless, there are those who have been forced, coerced, whipped and threatened with the lives of their family and themselves at stake. For those, I pray that your deliverance will come quickly and that those who have forced this abhorrent lifestyle upon the person forced to be a prostitute will pay with as much subjugation and terror as they have forced you to endure.

Until men's heart become changed into honoring their Creator, sex trade is here to stay. The sad commentry is that honoring their creator does not seem to be on the horizon any time soon.


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