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Why not to be a bully: Reasons to stop being a bully in high school, workplace, college or online

Updated on November 16, 2012
Did you think bullying others was cool? Take a good look in the mirror buddy. You are ruining everything.
Did you think bullying others was cool? Take a good look in the mirror buddy. You are ruining everything. | Source

Why should you stop being a bully in high school? Why not to be a workplace bully? Why is it important to stop being a cyber bully on Facebook or Twitter? This post is a solid eye opener for bullies who think it is cool to bully and that they can get away with everything. If you know someone who is a bully, forward this post to them. Even if one bully out of a thousand decides to change after reading this, the world will be a better place.

1) No one will want to be friends with you

Do many people hang out with you because they think that you are cool and strong? Are you the macho alpha male of your group and do you use this status to bully others? Do all your friends laugh when you make fun of others and hang out with you just because everyone else is afraid of you?

If you could relate to any of these situations, your friends are likely to be your friends just because they fear you. In reality, no one wants to be friends with someone who is rude and arrogant. They are with you simply because they don't want to be at the receiving end of your wrath.

You will have to stop being a bully if you want to find true friendship in life. People who will stand by you during thick and thin are the ones who like you and not the ones who fear you.

2) People you bully today may be your bosses tomorrow

If the trends from the last two decades are anything to go by, geeks and nerds are proudly taking over the helms of companies all over the world. In fact the guy or girl you bullied on the high school grounds could very well be your boss a few years later. How do you think he/she will treat you then?

This is one reason to be selfish and stop being a bully for your own sake. The people you bully today may eventually be the ones who have the power to hire or fire you tomorrow.

3) You will always be remembered as the big bad bully

If you think bullying makes you look cool and strong right now you are just too immature. While your peers may fear you in high school right now, you are likely to be branded as a bully for the rest of your life no matter how hard you try to change.

People who have been bullied by you and those who have seen you bullying others will always remember you as the high school bully who did nothing but torment others. No one will have happy memories about you and people are likely to have a grimace on their faces when they think about you years down the line.

Would you rather be the reason for people to frown when they think of you or would you want them to smile? The choice is yours.

4) Bullying victims may never help you later in life

People who you bully are likely to hold a grudge against you for the rest of their lives. No matter how many years pass by, you will always be the guy or girl who bullied them when they were weak.

Suppose you have bullied a kid in high school for a long time. A few years down the line you are broke and the only person who can help you is the manager of the bank from which you have mortgaged your home. Your credit history is poor and the only way you can save yourself from bankruptcy is if the manager signs off on deferring your repayments on not legal, ethical or moral, but on personal grounds.

The manager happens to be the guy you bullied in high school. If he is not legally obliged to help you in any way, do you think that he will use his position to help you on the basis of friendship? The answer is, most likely not.

While the above situation was just an example, this applies to virtually every single aspect of life. People who you bully are unlikely to help you when you are at lows in your life.

Bullying scars people: Not for a few months, not for a few years, but for life. Your seemingly harmless pranks could be clawing into someone's emotional well being for the rest of their life.
Bullying scars people: Not for a few months, not for a few years, but for life. Your seemingly harmless pranks could be clawing into someone's emotional well being for the rest of their life.

5) You will scar people forever

Bullying leaves emotional and physical scars on victims. A victim's self esteem takes a dip and confidence levels plummet to new lows. It is also very hard to recover from the mental trauma of being bullied and the effects can last a lifetime.

When you bully others you are practically scarring them for life. Unless you want to be responsible for ruining the happiness of others, stop bullying and think of the damage you are doing before you call someone names or steal a lunchbox.

6) People may seek revenge later in life

When you bully someone, you could be driving them to their emotional breaking point. The pent up frustration from the constant humiliation may cause them to seek revenge now or later on in life.

The movie Mongol depicts that one of the most ruthless ruler of all time Genghis Khan, and his family were repeatedly harassed, oppressed and humiliated. The pain and suffering drove the feared ruler to seek revenge from the landlords and warlords who had harassed him and his family.

You may brush off your bullying as harmless right now but a person who has suffered lifelong bullying could insanely seek revenge even a decade down the line. Don't risk it and stop being a bully today.

7) Bullying will ruin your love life

Being a bully has a direct relationship with your love life. If you are a guy, your bullying habits will make many girls afraid of approaching you. If you are a girl, you will put off heaps of guys who may be attracted to girly girls as opposed to a dominating female.

Don't mistake your arrogance for something that will attract girls or guys. Being rude has never made anyone look more sexy and you are unlikely to be an exception.

8) People will never respect you as a bully

Whether it is your classmates, colleagues at work, friends or family, no one will respect you if you are a bully. They may say good things about you right now on your face. But remember that it is only because you are dominating over everyone. The very moment you are weak, they will simply leave your side.

You are not likely to understand the importance of this reason to stop being a bully. Hindsight will remind you of this but it will probably be too late by then. Be a winner and get people to respect you today because of the way you help them and support them, rather than how afraid you make them feel. The former is permanent while the latter is only temporary.

9) The circle of life: What goes around, comes around

You can call it karma or you can call it by any other name, 'what goes around, comes around' is one of the undeniable facts of life. The problem is that even the best of us don't realize the gravity of this until it actually 'comes around'.

Why not to be a bully? The reason is simple. People are going to treat you tomorrow the way you treat them today. Be ready to be bullied, harassed, humiliated and deprived of your place in life tomorrow if you do the same to someone else today.


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