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Why some men cheat on their wives/girlfriend?

Updated on May 17, 2012

A man meets a woman and what’s the first thing that attracts him to her. He is attracted by the way she is dressed; by the way her hair and nails look. He is attracted her sense of style and time she takes to take care of her appearance. Then he gets the courage to approach her and talk to her and he is charmed by her intelligence. The relationship began and lead to marriage. The honeymoon phase has now passed and they both get comfortable with each other and maybe the woman has a baby or two. Time passed and the woman starts letting herself go, she stops taking care in her appearance and maybe she gain weight after having her baby and she stops painting her nails, applying makeup or some gloss. I understand that after having a baby or two it can be time consuming as you have to nurture them and make sure that have are taken care of so much that you get tired.

Boyfriend and husbands cheat because some women let themselves go after sometime in the relationship, some man cheat because women stops doing things that attracted them the first place and so they go out and cheat with women that remind them of their girlfriends and wives when you were still taking time to make themselves beautiful for a date or buy lingerie to surprise them or impress them. Man long for the old you not that they don’t love the new you it’s just that you have let yourself go so much that you don’t even put some lip-gloss to go to the store to buy some bread and milk and some men cheat because they are cheaters.

One part of reason that men cheat it is the woman’s fault and the other it is the man faults but I am focusing on the part that it is woman’s fault. Things that may help to get your husband to be attracted to you are:

1. Go to the salon and get your hair done, get some highlights or change your hair color.

2. Take time to apply make if you do or get a moisturizer that will rejuvenate and make your skin glow.

3. Get a bikini wax if that’s what he like you know what he likes.

4. Shave or wax your legs.

5. Get some lingerie to entice him

6. Get a sitter if you have kids

7. Go out for dinner or prepare dinner for two

8. Wear the little black dress that shows your silhouette

Its not required of you to do the above daily but just remind him of what he has at home.


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    • moiponetsoka profile image

      Moipone 5 years ago from South Africa

      Of I totally agree but taking some time to enhance your beauty for you men is not too much its like planning a date night when you have kids. Of course everyone is entitles to their opinion.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      A man who loves his wife, respects the sanctity of marriage, loves his children and a functional family, and remembers his marriage vows would not cheat. There is no excuse for cheating. Maybe the woman has post-partum, maybe she is overly worked from taking the most care of the children, taking care of the home, cooking meals, washing, working 9:00 to 5:00, and many other jobs that often overwork women. Maybe she needs the husband to help more so she can have some time to concentrate on herself. Is she suppose to be Mrs. Cleaver of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? Is she supposed to wear heels while cooking and washing? Men are not nearly as perfect as they want women to be. They can have 50 love handles around the waist and 5 at the back of the neck; still, they want to be accepted. A woman wants to feel clean sometimes without the usual war paint. A man who cannot be attracted to his wife's natural beauty does not love her. Makeup should enhance what is already beautiful, not make a new person.

      A man cheats because he thinks with his penis head instead of the one with a brain. A wife not wearing makeup should not be a reason to cheat. If that is logical, then, a woman can cheat because her husband does not wear suits on a daily basis. Men should trouble shoot and try to work things out with their wives, not jump in the sack with someone who could have herpes or AIDS or become pregnant to further lure him. Cheating only complicates matters. I can clearly see why some thoughtless men end up paying child support in one or two other houses and half of their fortune to his ex-wife, their children, and her new husband.

      People who cheat are just nasty and evil and full of senseless excuses. If my husband does not do some things I would like to see him do, I would not be so slutty as to jump into bed with another man. If women used as many lame excuses as men, all of their children would be the offspring of other men, and all married couples would be prime candidates for a rap session with Montel Williams or Jerry Springer.

      I hate cheating, and I can see what pushes more and more married women to cheating. They feel if men can cheat on flimsy excuses, they have no reason to feel guilty about doing the same. They get tired of being left at home with the kids and all the work. They are emotional beings and need real men who know that they are women. The worst mistake a man can make is to pave a way for his wife to cheat. Other men are looking at wives and wishing just as women are looking at husbands and tempting. These evil outsiders can be kept at bay if the partners put more faith in their marriages and not look for solutions in another’s bed. Men and women who play with fire get burned.

    • moiponetsoka profile image

      Moipone 5 years ago from South Africa

      My pleasure us women need to stick to together to keep our man happy. Thank you for reading

    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 5 years ago from Switzerland

      You are right moiponetsoka. Thanks for the good tips.