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Single and available, why not?

Updated on June 19, 2014

That’s not surprisingly a catchy title, isn’t it? However, catchy or not. What’s the matter? As long as you are single, single and single, you are the object of “why-the-heck-you’re-still-single all these years” quizzing; especially, if your age isn’t in the calendar anymore.

Sounds familiar? Of course, being single for years has been a quest, a struggle or quite a journey for almost all single people out there. Answering questions raised by family and friends can be quite overwhelming or disheartening. The pressures from both sides of the coin are just too much for a single person to handle. Not to mention different men or women they tried to set up for you. That’s what family is for, right? They’re pushing you ever since you were born. Friends are worse. They’re the one who push you to date every man in the house/ women in the gym or anywhere until you find the right one. Is there a thing about the right one?

Maybe or maybe none. I believed that there is someone. But the right one? That’s 50-50. You don’t really know. It’s just metaphorical phrase use by poets to encourage single people to seek that someone. And when you find that someone, then, you can call him/her the right one. Even though at the end you fall for the wrong one and bad things happen and you blame God. The worse case scenario: you can’t do anything about it anymore because you have tied the knot with the person forever. Well? I may sound pessimistic or negative, but you can’t really convince me that there is the so called “the perfect one”. The connotation of the society, “the perfect one” doesn’t really sound so appealing to anyone. Okay, to be agreeable with others who believe that there is a “perfect one”, let me use this phrase to berate anyone who pushes us to get into the world of marriage.

What am I trying to sell on this article is only one thing: Be happy being single.

Happiness is a choice. It’s a state of mind. If you will try to convince yourself that you can only be happy once you’ll find the “perfect one” (per se), guess what? You have wasted your years of happiness. You’re single because you choose to be one. There are many things you can do in your current situation right now. It doesn’t mean that you are single now, you’ll be single forever. You will find the “perfect one” for you once you started to do what you’ll love. Don’t be stuck by what your mind telling you that you can’t be happy. This is your life you’re talking about. Would you like it if your happiness is define through what society dictates? You’re single. That’s better. There’s no other life better than being single. Free, unattached and just the way you love it.

If romantic novels and chick flicks movies does make you struggle, then stop. Too much of it only comes from the author’s mind or director’s idea. It just me saying that but it doesn’t mean you have to stop because I write it here. Just figure out what made you struggle being single. If it’s about that, you know better. Love your life. Do what makes you happy. Explore your hobbies and enjoy your life. If you don’t like to be push by friends and family, then, give them that ultimatum, “I’m not going to spend time with you anymore if you keep saying that I need to get married”. Once they realized you have been gone for months or did not call for couple of months, they will stop pushing you around. Love can’t be push. It comes in its natural and loving form. You will get married alright? But, in a right time. Time will come that the word marriage will appeal to you. I’m saying, slower is better. Take your time. Savor the moment and just discover life every day. Life is just too precious to sulk in the corner and be critical of why on earth you’re still single.

Be you. Be unique. Start exploring and enjoy the ride.


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