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Why we should stop Udwin from Bajaaing the band of India.

Updated on February 15, 2017

Letter to Sagarika Ghose in reply of her article.

(This is in reply to a blog written by respected Sagarika Ghose. Read it here)

Dear Sagarika,

I have full sympathy for you for getting things wrong. The ban on the documentary is not a ban on freedom of expression, but, it actually is a ban of rape and the rapist's mentality. India's daughters are great, we all know, but such a 'shameful' documentary can be produced in only India which is because we ban? Have you heard of such a documentary being aired by BBC the crime location of which is the US or the UK?

What do you mean by beef eating by Northeasterners? If you want to point your fingers, point it to girls, women, and those who are not northeasterners, but make illicit relationship with Beef eaters in large numbers. Have you ever checked the porn movies database? I regularly do and you will be ashamed to know that the majority of Indian porn has the name Bangla, Bengali etc (Punjabi being the second most trending). I guess by reading your name that you are part of that society. Have you ever pointed your fingers to that fact? Do you feel that this is a great achievement of Bengali community? You may, we don't.

We ban because we protect minorities? What do you want to say? We should not protect women or what? See, India is not what you think like. You may have studied in a convent school, then went to a great college, then maybe you visited UK and you've somewhat built a notion that India is an avant-garde place to permit almost everything, including rape. Indian women who have achieved feats like that of men are a minority. And you belong to that minority as well. We really don't want to protect you.

India’s daughter is a big blow to India’s daughter Nirbhaya and her family. And for the great feat of a woman named Udwin, India’s sons have been showcased as rapists and criminals forever. I have never raped, and I really don’t plan to do such a heroic task and get interviewed by someone who says she has been through some kind of abuse in her childhood. She could have interviewed her abuser as well. She did not because she did not want to humiliate herself. Maybe her abuser is also not as intelligent as Mukesh Singh who says that Indian girls should not roam in streets like men at night (in Delhi, the capital of India).

I have no problem with NDTV or BBC or TOI for trying to sell their services. They may even bring a panel of eminent journalists who share your mentality. But, see Sagarika, we are not fools. And we are not Westerners. I have great respect for the US for the great reasons, but I am not a Westerner. I am an Indian and I love my India. I would not compromise the dignity of any Indian girl, who could be my sister, girlfriend or wife. And for that reason, I will never support making a documentary that harms the respect and dignity she deserves.

For your information, I just read an article a few days back that says I should not mind if my wife gets banged by someone else. Great to be liberal, but that really negates the very spirit of marriage and making a family. And family is the unit of the society. If westerners feel that they can destroy the idea of society because they have built the iPhone, invented the TV and created Skype, we must ban some of their efforts.

For the rest of your article, I have not heard of banning jeans, Hindu muslim marriages and women’s cell phone usage. But you should not disrespect the Saree because you wear jeans. Hindu boys must not become Rupam Islams if they want to marry Muslim girls. And, for the sake of womanhood, cell phones should not be used for illicit relationships.

Gender justice. That is good thing, but is unavailable in this world. Even fi you go to US, UK or anywhere else, there is no gender equality in reality. I don’t mind India becoming the first nation to equalize genders, but that cannot be done by interviewing and expressing the ideas of a rapist because that is not the popular idea. Many Indian males still respect women, and I can bet they are not a minority. In fact, Udwin wants to protect the minorities and those who want to rape because Indian women have become like Westerners.

The whole idea is to be responsible. You can utilize creativity, experiment new ideas, try to prove your point as long as you are responsible. The act Udwin did does not show that desire and that is why it has “bajaayed the band” of Indian males’ mentality not to rape. The remaining “izzat” of Indian males are being destroyed by the too avant-garde netizens like you.

Rape is not fun. Rapists mentalities are not great ideologies. Crime is not an achievement. Criminals are not heroes and Udwin is not and should not be a role model.

N.B-Thanks for being a great judge of trending topics though. You knew, like NDTV, BBC and TOI, that people would read this. I don’t mind it, because you said that we should accept Western culture whole-heartedly and without any restrictions. You should better leave India forever and go to UK to write about their trending topics. You’ll realize then that India really doesn’t mind new ideas and trending topics.

The controvery maker who raped "India's sons"

Udwin has made rape a business and key selling point.
Udwin has made rape a business and key selling point. | Source


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