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Marriage & Circumstances!

Updated on April 20, 2011

Are you single??????Do you often ask yourself those questions; What's the definition of true love? What one must do to get married? How can we find Mr. Right in a wrong world? Are you guilty of loving your family way too much? Do I have a date? Where is my soul mate? Why am I still single?

All these are common questions, and mostly asked by many who are struggling on a daily basis to find a suitable life partner. Well, the answers are hard, and not easily found in today's society. But sometimes, the answer of one question might answer another. Eventually, we'll get some answers at the end. If we define the value of partnership, we might find the answer to the real meaning behind true love. If we value someone else's circumstance, we might find someone who understands ours. Over all, let's not forget that there are some issues in our lives that can never be ignored, and has to do with everyone around you no matter what your status is whether you're single or not. We live in a society, and in that society we live in a family. Each step, decision, action, reaction, and even words can have an after effect. We are like dominoes. One will difintely affect the other no matter what type of a relationship that is.

Will you marry me???????

Marriage is sweet, and it's also a need but with the right partner in order to form a successful dance, and to have the right partner there are rules, not only conditions that were grounded by your circumstances but principles, and values that you caught over the years. Some have certain ethnic Background, and family traditions, Others have situations, and unacceptable personal demands.. What about arranged marriages or blind dates?

The most probable, and acceptable rules should be like a web of unconditional love, and a journey of unlimited giving from a sincere heart. We're talking about sacrifices, and constant compromises. In my opinion, and from a female point of view, Mr. Right, is someone who should have a heart of a prince, and must value the issue of family ties. He should also simplify any unintentional demands that were found as a apart of the immidiate foundation. What I mean, one must complete the other somehow or otherwise the ship will sink. Evaluate what you have, and discover what the other

might have. For example, if the girl has a house, why should she live in an apartment. Here comes the sacrifice of moving in...Wow, what a sacrifice! Leaving an apartment for the sake of living in a house. Pride, dignity, and respect play a major role in each relationship. If we know the essential meaning, and how to apply each of these words right only then we can live in harmony and without trouble in paradise.

Dating!!!! Each individual whether a male or a female will definitively meet hundreds of other individuals who are interested in forming some kind of a relationship but only few are are serious enough to carry on over the threshold of marriage. Marriage is a very serious matter, and some men or women mistake its main intention… Many say " All I'm asking for is an open heart, and mind that will accept me as well as my family, and work". The question is: Is there someone who are truly capable of loving unconditionally without any hidden agenda or ulterior motives? Is there someone who is willing to give endlessly before thinking about taking first. I wonder, how will this ever work if each has a long list of demands or conditions! Do you have an answer for this riddle? I wish that you do because I'm single, and would like to know the answer.Let me know what you think.. Tell me if I am right or wrong. Feel free to leave me a comment, feedback or even a question.

Sincerely Yours,

Marriage & Circumstances!

I only ask
I only ask


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    • profile image

      muhammed ali 

      6 years ago

      i WISH!!!!!


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