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AYKM? Are you kidding me?

Updated on May 28, 2012

Insecurity of a "Hot" chick


I was browsing through the lovely web and I came across a question on Yahoo, "Why do hot guys date ugly girls?" The question intrigued me. So, I became searching for answers. There were a lot of shallow answers like:

  1. I'm surprised that a hot guy would do that.
  2. Ugly girls are easy, that's why.
  3. The hot guy feels sorry for the ugly chick.
  4. The hot guy just want to score, he really doesn't care about the girl.
  5. Real hot guys don't date ugly chicks.
  6. Hot guys would go gay before dating an ugly chick
  7. Oh, she's good at giving it, that's why

Things like jaw dropped...Of course in society, beauty is everything. If you're aren't attractive or even popular, you don't stand the chance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, people!! Well, how come you don't see any hot celebrity guys dating ugly chicks? Go ask the guy, I don't know.

My question to the so-called "hot" girl: Why do you care so much that a "hot" guy is dating an "ugly" girl? WHY DO YOU CARE?! [answer me, dammit, lol].

If you're a self-proclaimed "hot" girl, I suggest you look inside of yourself before you start spouting shallow, ridiculous crap about girls who aren't to your standards. A "hot" guy can date an "ugly" girl solely because he's attracted to her. He may like her personality. They may have something in common, something that caused that spark or for them to click. Not everything have to be on a "beauty" scale or a beauty contest.

If I could go back seven years into high school, I would ask some of the popular or "hot" guys that same question, just to get their answer. Some probably wouldn't know how to answer. Some would just give in the whole spudcluster of his peers or some might simply say because I find her beautiful and we have something in common.

But, again, "hot" girls, why do you care?

So, here's today assignment!

Go ask people at school, at work, or in random places: Why do hot guys date ugly girls?
After you do that, come back here and post the answers in my comment box....I dare you to do this.....


What do you think?

Are these "hot" girls being insecure about themselves?

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    • KaityOuellette profile image

      KaityOuellette 5 years ago from Maryland

      "Are these "hot" girls being insecure about themselves?"

      I think some of the "hot" girls are insecure but others just aren't mature enough to realize not everything is about physical beauty. As a self proclaimed 'ugly' girl, I tend not to look at the outside as much as the inside. Of course there are times when I can't help but notice the outside, but if the inside doesn't match then that just makes everything unattractive. [does that make sense? XD]

    • Erica R Lindsey profile image

      Erica R Lindsey 5 years ago from TN

      Thanks for commenting, Debra!!!

    • Debra Dillon profile image

      Debra Gallagher 5 years ago from Oregon

      I think that a hot guy dates a so called ugly girl because they actually give them what they want. They want a women who actually cooks and cleans for them, who will say sweet things to them. Someone who will understand them and not care all about themselves! The so called "hot" girls are uggggly both in and out.