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Why'ning today

Updated on August 2, 2016

50 Why's

  1. Why are there over 7 billion people in this world today and counting, yet loneliness is on the rise?
  2. Why do automakers think a spare tire is not needed anymore with new vehicles?
  3. Why do people love civil liberties but hate free speech?
  4. Why do people demand others who have made money and worked for it, to just give that money to those who have no ambition, but able, to work.
  5. Why do people demand safety and security, but dislike the police?
  6. Why do we have smart phones and unsmart people?
  7. Why do we pay billions to sports players and give a small salary to educators?
  8. Why do people cry intolerance for those people’s whose views are different, but are themselves intolerant of other people’s views?
  9. Why is violence on the rise?
  10. Why people who demand transparency are they themselves not transparent?
  11. Why is depression on the rise at the same time humanistic idealism is on the rise?
  12. Why is mental illness on the rise?
  13. Why is a person more in touch with a person that is 6,000 miles away on social media, but do not even know their neighbor across the street?
  14. Why is alcoholism on the rise?
  15. Why is there no cure for cancer, there has been enough money spent on the research with little in return?
  16. Why is there no cure for death?
  17. Why do people cry, “go green,” unless that action would directly affect their life?
  18. Why is there so many degree finishing people without jobs?
  19. Why do people who live in the United States, publicly hate it, but do not want to move away?
  20. Why is debt so high, and lives seem so unfulfilled?
  21. Why is there still people starving?
  22. Why are people getting more and more selfish?
  23. Why do people today glorify the criminal but demonize the authority?
  24. Why are people these days so afraid of commitment?
  25. Why are kids so unruling these days?
  26. Why are animals glorified and humans demonized?
  27. Why are there so many degree majors that lead to no jobs?
  28. Why can we not disagree and still be civil?
  29. Why do people gravitate to social media but shy away from real person contact?
  30. Why do houses these days look great, but made cheap?
  31. Why is welfare on the rise?
  32. Why is peanut allergies on the rise?
  33. Why is GMO’s on the rise?
  34. Why do people today feel so empty inside?
  35. Why are people so consumed with their phones, even at dinnertime with family and friends?
  36. Why would people go in search for virtual creatures, but not go in search for meaningful relationships or a hike into nature?
  37. Why is there so much complaining?
  38. Why is hospital related deaths on the rise?
  39. Why is anxiety on the rise?
  40. Why is meanness and lack of morals on the rise?
  41. Why is our vocabulary shrinking?
  42. Why is divorce rates so high and arranged marriages on the decline or almost nonexistent?
  43. Why are you reading this list?
  44. Why is suicide on the rise?
  45. Why do people have great lawns and empty lives?
  46. Why is travel so expensive?
  47. Why is less ingredients in food more expensive?
  48. Why does the price go up, but the quantity shrink?
  49. Why are people not content anymore?
  50. Why are there safe zones at universities these days?


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