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How to keep your wife/the loved one happy :P

Updated on May 10, 2009

Everything is about to change!

Everything is about to change!

If i ever learned something about marriage at a young age is that its All About communication! You are no more a single person living on his-her own. Once you get married you are expected to share everything (good and bad) with your partner! Everything is about to change!

I remember in one of our sociology classes the teacher said:" Man is a social being ie can't live on his own. Well, here are the Rules to a happy life with your wife: D !

rule #1: Accept her with all her flaws , and love her for being different. No person is perfect and that's why you have to love and adore her for being simply who she is. Love her!

rule #2: Keep her happy! The concept of happiness is not based on buying your loved girl the most expensive gifts. just speak to her, tell her how you feel stand by her side help her with the dishes or cleaning the house or even taking care of the garden... you name it.. .

rule #3: Cherish every moment with her. For you never know when death claims any one of you. Go out with her, show her to your friends and have quality time together. DON'T let work stop you from enjoying your life with her!

rule #4: Try not to lose you temper as much as possible, since women don't like their husbands to shout or else they will shout back.

rule #5: Go through all the decisions in life with her. She is not just a person not a stranger. Now that you are married she is a partner a part of your life that means that unlike being single you have a partner and a life companion. Thus, going through decisions with her is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of WISDOM

rule #6: Always be there when she needs someone to hold her and tell her things are going to be okay! Support her in every move and advice her when you believe the course she is taking is wrong.

rule #7:Don't force her to change or do anything against her will. Great changes come when the person is a HUGE BELIEVER! Talk to her .Advice her and explain what courses in life should be taken in life for you and her.

rule #8: Never let your pride stop you from admitting you were wrong! Pride usually is the main reason for fights that can get really nasty (trust me)!

Rule#9: Open up to her and tell her what is bothering you. Keep communicating with her and tell her how you really feel.

RULE #10: Remember life is a cycle, made of ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and sadness. Don’t let a single problem stand in the way to your happiness. Let your problems be tests to prove how much you love her. Tell her no matter what happens " YOU WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND RESPECT HER DECISIONS!" Never feel regret nor show it!

Finally, there is nothing better than being happy with your wife and enjoying your life together! Keep her close to your heart and remember to support her in every manner.

This also applies the ladies as well. And so, it's all in GOD's will! If happiness is written for you Thou' shall be! And if not, don’t let the past stop you from living a full life!


Wishing you all the happiness in your NEW LIVEs!


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    • profile image

      James Chintengo 7 years ago

      i've gained a lot, keep up

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      GLORY thank you for the comment...i hope when my turn comes i am more than words :D

    • profile image

      GLORY 8 years ago

      I like your ideas of keeping wife happy.From my own experience I can say that happiness depends on both sides.Positive attitude is helpful.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      You are making me blush. Yeh i am too young to be married but life is a huge well of advice for us to learn from :D

      Thank you for your comments

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Your words are full of wisdom whether from experience or observation. Every married person should print this out and put it on their fridge!

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      Jayb23, marriage is more than living together and having someone to share your bed. And that is a rule my mom taught me at a young age. It needs persistence, good communication, and a lot of other ingredients such as faith in the partner you choose and honesty. It is easier to talk about it in theory but we can always try our best and learn more about the nature of our partner to avoid future collisions. Love is not enough when understanding and communication is MIA. Just like Natalie in your story and her husband. Thank you for dropping by and i hope those tips help out.

      Ps: I am not married ~God toooooooooo young for that~ and i don't know why i wrote this from the beginning LOL

    • jayb23 profile image

      jayb23 8 years ago from India

      Brilliant and awesome. Bookmarked. iam going to keep all these points in mind when I get married. Keep up the good work.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      yeh thnx..

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Sound advice

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 9 years ago from Lebanon

      look,first of all i can say its all about communication.Sit her down next to you by a table and tell her that today you aren't here to judge nor prejudice her. Tell her its her turn to tell you what is really happening. Be cool though hearing the truth will (in many cases ) hurt like shit. Don't prejude her , listen to every word and don't make any conclusions. Ask her politely about what is missing in your relationship. And reassure her that you and her are ready to make changes if she is still willing to go on with what you already have. LIsten and ask her to tell you what is bothering her.IS it because (maybe) you are over working or not making her feel like she used to feel a long time ago. Tell her what you feel about her seeing the guy and how if makes you feel. Be honest but not shrude nor that desperate. Tell her you can make compromises if she is willing to. LEt her tell you what is she seeking in a relationship beyond her marriage (if there is ). talk to her and let her talk back do lose your temper just carry inside you.. Ask her if it might be about money problems or what is really bothering her?Isn't she happy? Is she feeling strangled by marriage? Does she feel this is not going the way she wanted. Does she feel ignored lacking affection. What she wants you really to do and how are she and you planning to get over the situation. Then Ask her if she feels guilt about what happened (if there is something that happened). Ask her if she regrets all what you had and if she is planning to come out clean . MAn , i can't tell you what to say. You and her have to work things out peacefully. Tell her she can talk to you, even if things went bad.(i know it will hurt you and her , but you have to establish communication and understanding of the situation). Talk and try to bring old HAPPY memories that you might have shared together. Remind her of the first time you met her and how it felt to be in love with her...tell her how it would hurt you deep to lose her.And ask her if she would really miss you when you're gone. Tell her if the world would end in six hours would she run into that guy's arms and spend the last minutes on earth with him or with you.Ask her what might instigate her to come home to where you love and cherish tell her whatever life throws at you both you'll be there for her.tell her all what is on your mind and how much it hurts to leave her. Wishing you all the best of luck and may things turn out for the best of all. It will hurt you and her a lot but tell her its worth it ..

    • profile image

      AMIT 9 years ago

      WE had big fights, then reconciled. but the love is missing. she isn't tell me everything. we have given freedom to each other and she is friendly with one particular man for last 6 years. and because of this that man's wife once called me and said she suspected something. that created lot of problem in our life. then the matter died, but she is still in touch with that man. do u think she is in LOVE with that person as i feel i'm being ignored for a lot of u think we can again fall in love after those disputes. i love her very much & would love to do anything for her & to get our love back( we are maried for 15 years)

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      Thanks for the 10 Rules. I will keep in mind.