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Wife or Love

Updated on November 6, 2009


We often wonder what it feels like to be in love. Love like life is a risk especially because it involves two people who can never be the same. One may love more than the other and another may love for a different reason from the partner.

However, when two are in love, there is usually the hope of being together forever. Love is what graduate to courtship and then marriage but this is not usually the case. Love sometimes doesn’t lead to marriage because marriage is more than just love.

Love and Wife

You've got the ring
You've got the ring
My Love
My Love
I Love You
I Love You
Contract wife
Contract wife
contract wife
contract wife
Innocent Love
Innocent Love
sweet inocent love
sweet inocent love
Hum Wife
Hum Wife
wify like me
wify like me

Now people think it’s only the ladies that are eager to get hooked to someone but from past events we have seen that at a point in life a man is not seen as responsible if he does not have a wife in his house. The fact that you are married shows you can manage your home and therefore project you has a responsible individual. When a man has finished schooling, has a good job and he’s living comfortably, the next thing that comes to mind is marriage. At this point if he has no girlfriend he’s in love with he begins to do a mental auditioning for ladies. He may have many but may not be really in love with any. The first thing is the look and then the qualities a good wife should have. He then picks the most homely to be called his wife.

For those in search of love, the first thing on their mind is not marriage. It’s love. It is this love that now makes them to feel they can not live without the other and they begin to think of making the relationship permanent on like the other in search of a wife who thinks of how homely a lady is and later starts to look for a reason to love her.

Qualities of a Good Wife

All the qualities bellow cannot be complete in every woman. The order and number can however be determined by the man. These are the qualities a man helps the love of his live to develop and cultivate. They are also the qualities a man in search of a wife looks for in a woman.

__ Active in church
__ Loves and honors the Lord
__ Has a good testimony
__ Christ-like actions
__ Self-discipline
__ Not a gossip
__ Enthusiastic
__ Respectable
__ Inner beauty
__ Good personality
__ Good sense of humor
__ Integrity and honesty
__ Trustworthy
__ Godly wisdom
__ Makes wise decisions
__ Well-organized
__ Fun to be with
__ Sensitive to others’ needs
__ Virgin
__ Intellectually equal
__ Modest
__ Kind and caring
__ Non-critical
__ Similar interests
__ Good communicator
__ Willing to follow my leadership
__ Loyal and faithful
__ Forgiving
__ Good listener
__ Not materialistic
__ Thankful
__ Not jealous or possessive
__ Supportive
__ Encourager
__ Good manners
__ Accepts me for who I am
__ Not flirtatious
__ Feminine
__ Friendly
__ Hospitable
__ Good hygiene
__ Meets her families needs
__ Patient
__ Obedient
__ Good with children
__ Not too talkative
__ Can cook
__ Non-sexist
__ Responsible
__ Noble Character
__ Dignity
__ Prompt
__ Global vision
__ No chemical abuse
__ Humble (not conceited)
__ Servant’s heart
__ Someone you want to be the mother of your children
__ Creative
__ Resourceful
__ Decorative abilities
__ Nurturing
__ Manages time and money well

Actions of Love Searchers versus Wife Searchers.

            A man in search of love has patients he simply wants to be with the lady and he sees it as there is no alternative to her. This makes him strive to patiently tune and modify her to his taste. He makes her realize why he wants her to act in a certain way and if she is willing to learn, they both find a way to adjust and be perfect for each other.

            While a man in search of a wife sees the process as an interview process, he has little or no patience for any lady that does not posses the qualities he wants in a woman. He would not even discuss his desires with her before he moves on to the next lady on line.

            For instance a man who is in search of a wife invites his girlfriend over for the weekend and expects her to take over the cooking for the weekend. If she doesn’t then she is surely out of the game. All he does is watch and at the end of the weekend he says “next” and invites another for the next weekend.

             The one in search of love also invites his girlfriend for the weekend. He expects her to take over the cooking for the weekend. If she doesn’t, he sits her down and let her know what he expects from her. He tries to help her see how much help it would do their relationship. If the love is mutual she’ll see reason and a conclusion will be reached adding to their store of past hurdles which is an important part of love.

            The man that expects his wife to be open with him will help her in all ways to become comfortable with him if he truly love her while that in search of a wife has no time to pet any idiot. He simply moves over to the next alternative.

            The truth is that there is no alternative for those in search of love  or better still, they have refused to see the alternatives while those in search of a wife are fully away of the alternatives in all their actions.

            At the end of it all, I guess what works for you may not necessarily work for me. A few men will eventually learn to love the wife they marry, others will decide to make their love a permanent thing and still a few more will never love the wife they searched for and found.


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    • profile image

      Ayoku 6 years ago

      I lv dis Hub.Tnks Fiksy02.

    • dl53acy profile image

      dl53acy 7 years ago from East Texas

      This was a great Hub and very informative too! Caused me to do a little soul searching while reading it! Thanks fiksy02!