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Will He Leave His Wife?

Updated on August 12, 2012

Are you in a relationship with a married man? Are you waiting for him to leave his wife or girlfriend for you? Has he told you countless times that he is leaving, but its "complicated"?

Are They Still Living Together?

If the man you are dating is married, but he still lives with his wife, you need to think about a few things. Does he plan to move out? Is he telling you the truth about why they are still living together?

Financial Involvement

If he shows no investment in you and his financial involvement is solely with his family, chances are he intends to keep it that way. If he has invested money in your relationship, paying rent, bills, car notes and such, then he may be pavin the way for a future with you.

You Have To Ask

If you find youself asking him time and time again if he is going to leave her, chances are he will not. If he is always making excuses or telling you about new complications, you can bet that this is going to continue.

He Spends Less Time With You

If he is with her more than you, it's simply because he does not want her to become suspicious. Therefor, he cares what she thinks, he does not want her to find out and that will not change. Sooner or later the romance will fade between the two of you and he will just have another responsibility.


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