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Win Back Love | Save Your Relationship and Get Her Back

Updated on November 5, 2010

It Just happened... maybe today or a week ago but

You are in distress.

The understanding just simply reached you. Regardless of whether your ex dumped you or you left your ex, you have split up.

The relationship has finished. And all you are able wonder is, “What really happened?” or “What did I do incorrectly?”

But solving none of these questions is going to help you.

The situation that will come next, once the shock settles enough for the regret to devour you, is one that can make it all better once more:

“How should I get your sweetheart back again?”

And the solutions to that very situation are located followed below:

Getting Back with Ex Girlfriend


Pursue your ex: Absence helps to make the heart grow fonder, not persistence; that’s merely annoying. Whoever broke up with whom, she is not going to wish to speak with you at this moment. And that can be in your favor, if you do not go and screw it up by hounding your ex at the moment with calls, texts, email messages, and – offense of all offences – showing up unexpectedly and unannounced at your sweetheart house or place of work. Think of this – your good intentioned chasing could be interpreted as only a small-jump from “stalking” Do not take a chance. Just don’t try it. But…

You should

Keep in contact: Definitely not a whole lot, mind you. Just enough to help keep a presence in each other’s heads and worlds. Checking in each and every occasionally for a brief, no- schedule, no- expectations, “how are you doing?” will go a long way towards displaying to her that one) you will always really care, but 2) we haven’t become a dismal wreck over this. And it’s step one (or even steps, really) in gradually, genuinely repairing a bridge of connection between both of you.

Do not

Grow to be desperate: Depression symptoms is much like quicksand; the greater an individual sinks in it, the more difficult it's to move your way out from it till pretty soon it sucks you completely down, in over your head, and swallows you entirely. As well as it’s a stupid technique to try and get your sweetheart back. Who’s going to need you down in the dumps? You think she’ll take pity for you? Your ex might, but your ex will not take you back. To get back your ex, the two of you must heal and recover from the break-up each all on your own and come out whole and complete. Then you can certainly reexamine the possibilities a renewed romantic relationship with each other offers you now that you’re both returning at it from a different and much more clear-headed viewpoint.


 Grow to be complete again: This can be an instance for being strong. Regardless of how greatly you need her back now – this split second! – It’s most likely not going to happen (and usually whenever it will happen that quickly it's actually merely another summit inside a dizzying, and possibly never-ending roller coaster). Chances are you need to locate your center again. You'll want to restore your romantic relationship with you very first, before you can take on rebuilding one with anyone else. And break-ups certainly are a huge sledgehammer for the confidence. Find your identity again (or anew) and you will be in a much better position to provide your ex lover not a second opportunity at whatever you once possessed, but a first chance, a new opportunity, to get a new romantic relationship a lot better than the one before.

Save your Relationship

Do not

 Change yourself: To co-opt the immortal words of Billy Joel: Don’t go changing to try and please your ex. If you can be yourself and love yourself for who you are, as you are, in spite of the break-up (the scarlet “F” of Failure like an acid rain cloud perpetually following you over your head), then your sweetheart too may come to love you just the way you are.


 Have a lengthy and honest look at yourself: It only takes two to tango and, regardless of who had the final move, two to end the dance. After you trust you can be completely sincere (and brutally too, if necessary) with yourself, examine the partnership. Study it. What went wrong? Why was it meant arrive at this point? What was your sweetheart role in it? (The easier concern to answer) And what was your part? (Usually the one as hard to ask as it is to answer) Without changing the great core essence of who you are, is there also some characteristics, values, and actions that you’ve outgrown or outlasted? That will no longer suit you? This break-up might be a wonderful possibility for you to do some long-needed improve yourself to develop yourself into the particular person you know deep-down inside that you are.


 Blame yourself: Having to take responsibility for exactly what went drastically wrong in a relationship is not the same thing as blaming yourself. Blame is unnecessary finger-pointing. Taking accountability is owning up to it, and working on something about it. In reexamining your romantic relationship from the outside looking in, never make the mistake of determining that everything you said, felt, and did with her was completely wrong – that it’s all of your mistake. (Unless of course it's, in which case own that too.) Respect your ideas, feeling, and actions in the relationship: your findings and complaints. Because if you never, then in case you try reconcile you will find the identical unresolved issues getting you down all over again.


 Find your ex's right: You do not have to be wrong for your sweetheart to be right (and vice-versa). The relationship ended presumably because some part or parts of it weren’t working for either of you. The two of you had problems. And both of you are right to feel the way you do. Your problems about your ex are valid, as are hers about you. For example, did your darling have trouble with how you communicated (specifically how little or how poorly)?

Getting Back Together

Then without feeling attacked and becoming protective what could you do to communicate better for her? If your girlfriend complains that you do not listen to her, instead of feeling justified because – hell, she’s always talking, how could you become a better listener for her? Most of the things our wives and girlfriends want from us are not so difficult to provide. We just get uppity and resentful because why should we have to change who we are for them?

And why doesn’t your ex have to? Well, in answer to the first problem, if who you are in love with your sweetheart, then you learn how to function in a healthy man/woman partnership because that’s part of loving someone, and therefore currently a part of who you are, just a currently under-developed part. And in answer tot he second issue, your girlfriend does have to try the same for you. It’s just none of your business at the moment. That’s your sweetheart hurdle. You can only try what you can do at the moment, and that’s discovering ways to be a much better boyfriend for any girl.

And if it’s any consolation to you, your lover has changed herself for you many times already (as you have for your ex). You just haven’t noticed it much (or at all) because they were things you expected of her. And we often never find it necessary to thank people for living up to our expectations of them…but we should.


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    • Rismayanti profile image


      8 years ago from Tropical Island

      Great hub.. should not be give up if there a good one for us.. thanks for share. good article


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