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Wine Wedding Favors And Ideas For A Vineyard Wedding

Updated on October 14, 2011
Wedding Favors for a Vineyard Wedding
Wedding Favors for a Vineyard Wedding | Source

Who doesn't love a great glass of wine? A vineyard wedding is the perfect romantic back drop for such a special occasion, and with Fall nearing, it makes for a wonderful season to have a vineyard wedding. With vineyards located in just about every area, even climates that aren't ideal for growing grapes, you're sure to find a winery that is set up to host a wedding in just about every state. Here are some unusual vineyard wedding favor ideas and other great design concepts to help make your vineyard wedding memorable:

Edible Wedding Favors for a Vineyard Wedding
Edible Wedding Favors for a Vineyard Wedding | Source
  • My brother recently got married at a beautiful local vineyard in our hometown and had the most unique wine wedding favors at the reception. I just thought they were so cool! Practical yet interesting, and certainly great conversation starters. They had small baskets placed at each table with things like cheese spreaders with cork handles, tuxedo heart corkscrews, copper leaf wine stoppers, custom wine labels, happy couple bottle decorations, wine cork candles, personalized wine glasses, wine bottle tea lights, etc.

  • Don't forget about the wedding favors you can eat! Who doesn't love a gift that satisfies their sweet tooth? You've got to try the "Divine Wine" Vineyard Gourmet Brownie Favors in milk or white chocolate, not only delicious but adorably charming. You can also consider personalized mint boxes, chocolate bars, or mini coffee and tea flavored bags, with the name of the vineyard, bride and groom, wedding day, and anything else you can think of printed right on them.
  • In addition to purchasing some fun wedding favors, get personal with your favors, and maybe offer a small bottle of fresh olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, or a mini bottle of wine, and then attach a personalized thank-you note. You can even offer all three and bundle them up in a grape themed basket, or tie them together with ribbon that matches your wedding color scheme.
  • You can also consider adding an elegant touch by using wine cork candles as part of your reception table centerpieces by resting them on the top of wine bottles of your choice, and then using flowers and grapes in and around the bottle(s) to create a stunning look.
  • If you're using glass vases or containers to hold your flowers at the reception, instead of filling them with the traditional river rocks, use fresh grapes! Keep some of them on the stem and some loose. They sink to the bottom in the water and create a wonderfully unique look!
  • You might also want to consider a personalized, vineyard themed wedding cake topper to rest on top of your cake, just to add that extra special touch, such as a cluster of grapes or toasting flutes, available in themes such as interlocking hearts, and metal wine goblets.

With all of these ideas, you can surely come up with an imaginative theme that will leave your guests talking about the unforgettable reception, as well as the special attention you put into the surroundings, theme and gifts.

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