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Top secret: How to win the heart of a woman

Updated on July 6, 2010

You too can win the heart of your woman

Every daughter of Eve out there; young or old, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly desires some actions for their hearts to be worn. Although it is difficult to know exactly they desire because taste and life style differs, but all the same, there are some actions that every guy has to take, to win the heart of every woman out there and they include the followings:


1. Love: Love they say is the best that can ever happen to someone, if it is experienced in the right way. Every woman out there wants to love and be loved. A woman doesn’t feel complete when she is not loved no matter her achievements in life, wealth or beauty or status without a man to love her


2. Attention: You can call some girls or women ‘notice me’ if you care but the simple truth is that many women want a quantity of interest shown to them especially from the opposite sex. Women like it when you notice some things about them, like their beauty, smile, eyes, new hairstyles, and dress sense etc. Never make women feel second best to your work, cars, and computer etc


3. Complements: Ladies are fluttered when they are being praised or shown admiration. It has been observed that when you pay a woman a complement, you will soon play your way into her heart because a well said complements meet their hearts. Complements like “you are a one in million”, your ever radiating beauty drives me crazy. But make sure the complements are truly sincere.


4. Appreciations: Women like it when they are being appreciated by guys. Men should try as much as possible to identify a peculiar attribute of their women, when guys recognize these attributes and qualities. Women like it when guys recognize their intellectual prowess, beauty, cooking qualities, to mention few, all these make the women more seared.


5. Quality time. This is the amount of time available for the lady. Honestly speaking, it is not about the money or gifts, you send to your girlfriend that matters, instead the quality of time shared together. Babes love it when their men share quality time with them to discuss on issue pertaining to their betterment. Therefore guys should create tem for their babes out of their busy schedule.


6. Words of affirmation: Women love it when you tell them precisely what you feel and how you feel. This can be expressed most of the time through the text message after parting with her. Tell her how much you love her and how much you miss her. Also the electronic mail(E-mail) can be used, send as much messages as possible, but make sure they carry much emotional weight, there abounds many free emotional e-cards and love notes online that you can send. To be effective don’t say it once, say it as much as possible.


7. Gifts: You don’t need to wait till Saint Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday before you send her a gift. This does not mean that women are materialistic. It is just that they love to be spoilt. Giving her a qualitative gifts suggest that, you think she merits not only your love but all you have. Your gifts do not have to be too expensive rather it’s meant to show that you are thinking highly of her when you are buying the gift. Your gift could be any or combination of the followings flowers, cards, teddy bears, perfumes, clothes, jewelleries, houses, cars, yatchs, and even airplane if it is affordable. There is no limit to what you can give your woman in as much you can conveniently afford it.


8. Going places together: Also it takes two to tango, women want to be seen around their spouse/lover, like going to functions together, going shopping together, etc. All these show women that they are wanted by you and that you are not ashamed to be associated with them. Also to some women this singular act is an indication that there is no other woman in your live except her.


9. Don’t forget her kids: If the woman you are wooing is a single mother, the best way to win her heart is to extend part of your love and affection to her kids. Treat them like your own and find time to relate with them and make them your friend. I f you are not too busy find time to help them with their school work, or take them out to cinema or any other places of interest.


10. Take her on holiday trip: Give her a surprise treat. Take her on a romantic trip to a holiday resort, where it will be only the two of you and far away from the hustle and bustle of the maddening world. This normally will make her feel loved and break any inhibitions that might be remaining in her heart about your love. I wish you all the best.



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    • profile image

      prince akonam 

      3 years ago

      indeed, am ok with d text above

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this is bull ive done this all the time and its never worked, actually women also get pissed when u keep bothering them. :foreveralone:

    • profile image

      Richardson nana kwesi selasie yeboah 

      6 years ago

      i think this is the best way of winning the heart of ladies.Guys,let's try it.GUD LUCK...BY RICHKID.

    • profile image

      Richardson nana kwesi selasie yeboah 

      6 years ago

      i think this is the best way of winning the heart of ladies.Guys,let's try it.GUD LUCK...BY RICHKID.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      kompass, GREAT read. GREAT advice, but I am not able to date women for my wife would definitely have a word or two to say about this, but my grandson can truly benefit from this hub. THANKS so much. Kenneth Avery.

    • Sassypoetic profile image


      8 years ago from Katy,Texas

      Yes! Yes! Yes! you my friend are absolutely right... If indeed a man wants to win a woman's heart he must certainly address her the right way... with love,compassion,being humble, sweet,mild tempered etc.I love this article....

    • Philipo profile image


      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Good points. Thanks for sharing.

    • Info Bucket profile image

      Info Bucket 

      8 years ago from Kerala, India

      This hub will definitely help persons like me, thanx for your valuable share.


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