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Winning Ex Back

Updated on May 31, 2010

Winning ex back is not really hard at all, but you should really think about the relationship and your ex before you do anything, think about how things were before, and how they will be now, if you decide that winning ex back is your priority right now, the first step is to apologize if you were the one who did something that you need to apologize for.

If your ex was the one who did something worth apologizing for, rather than trying to get a sincere apology from them, forgive them, if your breakup was because of cheating, you might never forget, but you must learn to forgive if you want your ex back, forgiving is harder for some of us, but try your best to forgive, reading a book about forgiveness might help a little.

If you get to succeed and you win your lost love back, a few months into the newly patched relationship old issues might arise again, if you did not learn to forgive or haven’t forgiven the person for whatever reason led to break up the relationship, you might find yourself having a hard time getting past everything, at this point old wounds would be reopened and it’s very likely that hurtful things would be said, but if you can truly forgive the person, there won’t be any need to rehash the past, while you are working on forgiving him or her for whatever happened to cause the break up, forgive them for the break up itself and you will save yourself lots of grief down the road.

To win ex back, show your partner the you once they fell in love with, I am pretty sure they were with you because you have certain qualities, while you might not be able to hide the pain that the break up left, concentrate on being the best you can possibly be and maybe then you will win your ex back once again.

As you can see winning ex back is not difficult, is just that you need to know how.


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