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Winter Wedding Ideas For Favors

Updated on November 11, 2016

Majestic and Joyful Winter Wedding Table Favor Ideas


A winter wedding can be as majestic and dazzling as a sleigh ride through old Quebec City during Winter Carnival or as simple as the wonderful joy one feels upon waking up to the new winter's first snow. The following wedding favor ideas are affordable, DIY, and will add a little extra sparkle to your grand and majestic or simply joyful wedding tables.

Themed Weddings are a wonderful way to express yourself and ensure that your guests have an incredible experience full of unique memories. Beach themed, Carnival themed, French themed, Circus themed, farm themed.... the list of possibilities go on and on. Theme weddings also allow you to get creative and make your own decorations and wedding favors and this can make planning and paying for your wedding more fun and more affordable!

1. Birds Nests Filled With Eggs

errr... Miniature birds' nests filled with Jordan almonds tie in the traditional wedding favor of jordan almonds with your winter wedding theme. This favor idea will really shine best at a natural theme wedding set against the natural beauty of pine cones, twigs and candles that gently twinkle.

2. Yummy and Warming: Take Home Hot Chocolate

After all, chocolate is for lovers and hot chocolate is for the cold days of winter, right? Buy plain mugs so that you can decorate them yourself. Buy two or three different kinds of hot chocolate (maybe gourmet?) and using small plastic baggies, scoop enough into each bag for a cup. Label each bag with the type of hot chocolate so that your guest will know where to go if they loved their hot chocolate and must buy more. Fill your hand painted mugs with the baggies and voila! Awesome and fun wedding favors! If you want to get a little fancy, you could add little baggies of toppings such as mini marshmallows, chocolate chips or cinnamon sticks.

3. Tea! And Tea Wallets! Can you sew?

Fabric wallets filled with a variety of tea and raw sugar will be a warm and certain hit at your winter wedding. Tea wallets are a super fun wedding favor idea for the winter when tea drinking really ramps up. Choose fabric patterns and colors to match your unique decor.

Your guests will be delighted to find this favor waiting for them at your tables...even if they don't drink tea themselves, they will be sure to pass, with a smile, their fancy little tea wallet on to someone who does.

I hope that these unique ideas were inspiring to you. I have written other wedding stuffish articles and you can find them here:

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    • profile image

      With This Favor 

      9 years ago

      Very neat ideas and great resource for DIY winter favors. I will send my brides this way :-)


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