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Winter date ideas: Fun, romantic, creative and unique things to do on a date in winter

Updated on October 9, 2012
Stop getting bored. Pick up an idea from this list and spice up your winter by going on a romantic date with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Stop getting bored. Pick up an idea from this list and spice up your winter by going on a romantic date with your girlfriend or boyfriend. | Source

Make the most of the cold weather with these winter date ideas. Pick from a hot pot of romantic, naughty, creative, fun and unique things to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend on a winter evening. Stop thinking that dating in winter is all about staying indoors. The chilly weather presents awesome opportunities for you to get flirty with your partner on a date. Be warm, be cuddly, be naughty - whether it is your first date or a romantic outing with your man or woman.

1) A date at the dessert bar: Enjoy warm and delicious treats

The advantage of dating in winter is that you can give the traditional dinner-at-a-restaurant a miss and do something beyond it.

Go to a chocolate bar, cupcake shop, patisserie or a restaurant known to whip out delicious desserts. Winter is the time to munch on lovely warm desserts like chocolate fondue, sizzling brownies, apple pie, mud cake and tarte tatin among many others.

A dessert bar also serves to be a perfect place to meet if it is your first date with the guy or girl. There are little other pleasures in life more romantic than biting into oozy chocolate treats as you have flirty first date conversations with your date.

2) Go for a dip in the ocean or a lake

Does going for a dip in winter seem like a crazy thing to do? That's the plan. If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend find yourselves to be an adventure hungry couple, drive up to a random beach and go for a dip in the freezing waters.

Don't bother taking along your swimsuits or other beach accessories. Simply strip down to your underwear and dive into the cool waters, whether it is the ocean or the lake. Taking a dip in the cold waters can be a thrilling experience after which the both of you can snuggle up in your blankets in front of a fireplace.

3) Be a child again: Build a snowman

Building a snowman is not officially restricted to kids and this winter date idea is all about discovering the playful side of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Hit your snow smothered backyard, driveway, patio or take your date out to a snow covered park.

Become a child again and build a snowman. This activity comes with the perk of having a snowball fight or even be naughty by placing objects at all the right and wrong places on the snowman.

4) Flip through old pictures of each other in front of your fireplace

Staying put at home, lighting up your fireplace and getting cozy with conversation is perhaps one of the cutest ways to enjoy a winter date. Let the wine flow while you both share old photographs of each other on your iPad, TV screen or even dig them out from the old photo albums.

Share embarrassing incidents, compliment your girl/guy on how cute she/he was as a kid and your life experiences as you and your date flip through the memories in the backdrop of a crackling fire.

5) Have a cozy barbecue with your partner

Winters and barbecues go hand in hand simply because you and your date will get to stand in front of a hot grill, soaking up the heat while you chat over a glass of red. Besides the usual meat cuts, winter is also the season for excellent produce when it comes to veggies.

Source fresh produce from your local farmer's market, grab a bottle or two of red, top up your gas bottles and get set for a warm and cozy bbq. If it gets too cold outside while you grill your meats, it gives you an excuse to hug your date and turn it into the warmest winter date you have had.

6) Winter sports: Go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or sledding

Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply going down the hill on a toboggan are super fun ways of spending time on a date. It does not matter whether you and your date are pros or not.

Find a local venue and get set for a playful date of tumbling down slopes, naughtily tugging at each other, helping your date learn to ski/skate and making all the other romantic and flirty moves. Make sure to take pictures of each other as you slip and slide.

7) Go to a beachside café to beat the holiday madness

If you want to avoid holiday crowds and families hustling on the street this season, you can choose to go to a beachside café for a date. The best thing about the beach in winter is that there aren't too many people around and the horizon can throw up some beautiful colors.

Sip on cappuccinos, macchiato, espresso shots, latte or hot chocolate while you bond with your date.

8) Meet each others' family

The holiday season is all about getting together and if you and your partner have known each other since a very long time, maybe you would want to meet the parents over dinner.

How cool would it be to try to impress your boyfriend's family? How fun would it be to share a pint or two with your girlfriend's old man? A date does not necessarily mean just the two of you. Set up a dinner meet with your parents and celebrate winter, celebrate the festive season, and celebrate your relationship.

9) Light a bonfire in your backyard

Winter nights can get extremely cold and breezy. If you and your date are camping fans, the both of you could play out a miniature version of a heavy duty camping trip by setting up tent and lighting a bonfire in your backyard.

You will enjoy the excitement of a camping experience without your clothes getting dirty and if it starts snowing, you can simply rush inside the house.

10) Talk an evening walk on the streets of your city

Enjoy the mood of celebration, cheer and holiday in winter by taking a late evening walk on the streets of your city with your partner, preferably in the downtown area or a suburb which is known for its night life.

Take in all the hustle bustle of the city, watch the shimmery lights on giant sparkling Christmas trees outside malls and see your city in all its glory. Be sure to pick an area which is generally considered safe.

11) Hop foreign café's

Add yet another twist to the unusual date idea of going café hopping, by short listing a couple of foreign café's that seem fancy and exotic. You will be amazed at how many classic Asian, Arabic and many other ethnic hot spots you can delightfully discover.

Put on your mufflers and sweaters and spend a winter day relaxing and lounging at these unique café's. Soak in on the different cultures and most importantly, pamper yourself by sampling winter comfort food from foreign lands.

12) Attend a winter fashion week

Some of the best fashion trends are known to hit runways during winter. If you and your partner are fashion conscious and like to be well dressed, set yourself up for a glamorous evening.

Soak in the frenzy of shutterbugs, check out hot trends, take notes and immerse yourself into the world of fashion.

The best part about this winter date idea is that you and your date can make your friends jealous by tweeting pictures straight from the runway or even post videos of hot models showcasing the latest trends on your Facebook Timelines.

13) Play husband and wife for a whole day

Spend a chilly winter day indoors and play husband and wife for a day. Guys can learn how to be good husbands while girls can behave like loving wives.

Don't link this date idea with commitment. Treat is as a fun role play and take it in the right spirit.

14) Go to a poetry night, an art gallery or a museum event

You don't need to be an art connoisseur to attend a poetry session, an art gallery or a show at the local museum. If you live in an urban area, the winter calendar of your city is likely to be replete with a series of such events.

Take in some art and culture and get an idea about your date's creative and intellectual appetite.

15) Winter date for foodies: Take a trip to your local farmer's market

If you are a foodie and you want to see lots of fresh produce, different types of wines and an exciting variety of spices, visit a farmer's market in your area. Pick from an eclectic range of foods such as truffles, cheese, pickles, seafood and exotic fruits. Enjoy the buzz of the market, the colors of the produce and some free tasting.

16) Soak up in an indoor heated swimming pool

Find a local swimming pool, preferably at a club or a hotel, which is heated. If you want to make your winter date special, you can even rent a hot tub and put it in your backyard for a more private affair.

Put on your sexiest swimsuit and plan a date where you can just relax and soak in the warm and heated waters of a swimming pool. Splash water at each other, flirt with your date in shallow waters, jump off diving boards and maybe even give your date a naughty pat on the bum.

Dates are not just about going to expensive and fancy looking restaurants or watching movies together. Soaking in the waters of a heated swimming pool will give you an opportunity to feel like kids who have been given massive candy bars.

17) Tea tasting: Ignite your taste buds and cleanse your bodies

If you are tired of listening to the traditionally romantic date idea of driving up to a vineyard, search online for tea rooms featuring tea tasting sessions in your city. Book a place for yourself and your date and be prepared to spend the evening tasting exotic teas.

Let the warm brews of leafy, fruity and flavored tea cast a romantic spell over you and your date. Enjoy the fuss of an elaborate tea ceremony and share notes with your date about each other's palettes. Take home some Chamomile, Earl Grey, Matcha, Lochan, Mango Zest or Orange Pekoe to relive your tea tasting session every morning.

18) Do your Christmas shopping together

Leaving your Christmas shopping to the very last minute? Don't look at it as a chore, rather, convert it into a fun date with your partner. Make a list of the things you need to buy and hit the malls with your partner.

Have fun hunting for discounts and bargaining to get the best deals. Help each other buy presents and wrap the day up when you are both exhausted and ready to hit the sack.

19) Go for a music or ballet concert

As winter months line up to the holiday season, city event calendars are generally packed with musical recitals, dance shows, ballet concerts and other stage events. If you like the sound of putting on your best dress and heading out to a sophisticated ballet or music concert, go for it.

Laugh your way through an opera that you cannot understand, amuse yourself with a slapstick improv play or share wide mouthed amazement of a ballerina's feet as you cuddle with your date.

20) Take pottery classes

Remember Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore taking pottery to a whole new romantic level in the movie Ghost? If you and your partner don't mind getting your hands dirty, take pottery classes.

You will have to look online and to find these classes. If you can't, you may find someone who has the equipment which you could borrow for a fee. Getting your hands dirty on a potter's wheel with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and coming up with your very own creations can be satisfying, exciting and memorable.

The best part about a pottery session is that you and your date get to hold hands, run fingers on each other and do some intense flirting.


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