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Wisdom of Older Women and Mothers

Updated on April 23, 2016


Wisdom of our Mothers and Older Women

We love our mothers. They are the wind beneath our wings and the one person that still actively guides us through life with the belief they are still molding and shaping us even when we are 30 -100 years old as if we were still 10. As the years go by, the wisdom of older women can be such a life force and guide to help us through life. While we may not have picked up on all the habits our mothers, or older ladies, taught us some of the lessons they provided in life sure do come in handy. As I get older the wisdom of older women ring in my ears as I lead my life. Some of the advice is basic, and some others more complex, but all said with the intent for you to be a better person and to live life more abundantly.

Powerful Lesson Maya Angelou

Random Advice

  • You have to cook and clean as a woman. No man wants a woman that keeps a dirty house. Don’t step out of your place looking like a million dollars and your house is filthy and dirty.
  • When people show you who they are believe them.
  • If you don’t have a relationship with the God (the creator/higher being) then what do you have to fall back on when times are difficult.
  • Know who you are. When you know who you are you will have purpose in life and will not allow anyone to hurt, harm, or disrespect you.
  • Be careful of the company you keep. People won’t say “she’s loose” they will say “they’re loose.” You are known by the company you keep. Birds of a feather flock together so if you associate with people that do not represent your values/morals/beliefs they will most likely change you to their way of thinking.
  • Honey if you lean over in a boat to pull someone up, they will most likely drag you down to their level. (dating/friendships with those not on a similar path)
  • Determine where you want to go in life and research the people that represent that path. This will give you a guide regarding how to dress, conduct yourself, and prepare yourself for the future you want.
  • What’s 4 years of your life for the rest of your life? (Investment in earning a degree.)
  • Time passes whether you do something with it or not.
  • The man in the 3 piece suit is going to pick a woman that complements him. The man in the suit is not going to pursue the woman in sweats wearing chucks. Your presentation reveals a lot about how you feel about yourself.
  • Buy quality clothing. Classic pieces never go out of style and if you buy quality made pieces you don’t have to replace them again and again. Fully lined clothing is a much better fit. Cheap material clings to your body and can inappropriately accentuate your body. Cheap material is thin, buy quality within your budget.
  • There’s no romance without finance. (Not Gold-Digging) Whatever you have achieved should also be the standard you use when dating.
  • Don’t discount men that work with their hands (blue collar). If someone makes a decent living, is hard working, don’t block your blessing because the presentation may be different.
  • Being a man means if you have a wife and two kids and there are 3 biscuits on the table-he doesn’t eat.
  • There are a million people that can say something bad about you, do not contribute to the group by speaking negatively about yourself.
  • If a man puts his hands on you once he will do it again. Get out of the relationship.
  • Spend time and develop friendships with people that are going somewhere in life. You will become the company you keep.
  • If a man does not take care of the children he has with someone else, what makes you think anything would be different with you?
  • Sex clouds judgement. The longer you can avoid sex the longer you can get to know your true feelings and analyze if this man is who/what you want.
  • If a man will lay down in the bed with you and offer not to use protection, don’t think there is something special about you. He’s careless with this life and you shouldn’t sleep with him because that is what he does with everyone. (Yes, older people do go there.)
  • Let him go if he doesn’t show you love and respect. You cannot change people.
  • If you decide to have sex make sure you have sex because that is what you want to do. If you do it to keep someone around and it doesn't work out you will feel worse about yourself. If you decide to have sex and it's what you wanted to do and it doesn't work out it won't bother you.


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Learning From The Elders


Spending time with older women gives you wisdom. Older women have experienced so much: husbands that have passed, babies that passed, good times in life, the depression, war, children leaving the home, etc. These women can give you advice regarding how to have a happy marriage, how to find your way in life, or perhaps how to be a good parent to your child. Older women can instruct you on how to deal with your children loving them equally but differently according to the needs of each child. You can benefit from the error of their ways and the paths they have taken in life that may lead to success. Some of the lessons in life you will learn is how to let things go. As we experience life’s ups and downs as we get older we learn not every battle is worth fighting. Older woman can also read people a mile away in just a few minutes which is amazing to witness. It’s a good thing to have your friends around older people sometimes so they can give you a read on that friend or man you are dating. Older woman can also tell you about yourself, in love, and areas where you may need to grow and make changes in your life. Being a mother is a hard job because you have to tell your children the hard things that no one is the world will tell them in hopes that it makes them better.

One thing I have noticed from older women that are happy. They have a sparkle in their eyes, beyond the wrinkles and lines that expresses joy that many younger people don’t have. The women that have been married 40-60 years have this kindness and goodwill that is a blessing to their husbands. It’s beautiful to observe older couples move around making accommodations for one another in a perfect dance that only those two can orchestrate so beautifully. Sometimes it’s so beautiful to sit and observe wondering what they can tell you about the last 40 or 50 years of their life.


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