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Woman Assaulted

Updated on August 4, 2012

Desperation and poor judgement can cost you more than your dignity; it can cost you your life


Police in Spaulding County arrested a man wanted in Lovejoy for allegedly assaulting a woman and stealing her car.

According to police reports, on July 28 between 11 p.m. to midnight, the suspect, Rakheem Jerome Byrd, went to the victim's house and refused to leave.

The woman told police she had met Byrd a few days before and only had a brief conversation with him.

When the victim went upstairs he followed her; he grabbed her by the throat and began choking her until she passed out, according to investigators.

The woman said once she woke up, Byrd began kicking and hitting her with the leg of an end table. She said he dragged her downstairs where he threw her on the floor several times.

At one point, Byrd also struck her several times on the head with a cast iron skillet, according to police.

He ransacked the victim's home and stole her 2005 blue Toyota Corolla, according to the victim.

Byrd was arrested on Thursday night during a traffic stop. He was seen driving the Toyota Corolla.

On so many levels this situation was avoidable.

Why would you as a woman, concerned for your safety, allow someone you don’t know to know where you live and you know nothing about who this person is or anything about them other than what you have been told? A man has less reason to fear a woman than a woman has to fear a man. When you reveal your work address, home location, vehicle, and other information – you make yourself identifiable and a victim for a potential stalker or an abuser.

It was disrespectful for this man to arrive at her home between the hours of 11p.m.-12:00a.m. Who does he think he is? Why would she answer the door for a man she only knows by his first name at her home at such a disrespectful time?

When you open the door you invite energy; whether negative, positive, deadly or honorable into your space. There is a time when you have to be concerned about your safety.

All this starts with self-respect and standards for yourself. When you respect yourself you won’t allow ANYONE in your space, approaching you ANY kind of way and consequently they must EARN their privileges and place in your heart. It’s not there for this person to decide to collect any time he feels like it.

Women need to approach dating with caution. While every man is not meant to cause you harm, it only takes you ignoring your better mind one time to become a tragic victim.

Thank God this woman is still alive. Let me explain to you how twisted this Byrd person was psychologically. Most stalkers or crazy men who exhibit this behavior typically rape and or kill their victims. This person has so much hatred towards women that he wanted to inflict pain on someone of another gender with these irrational outbursts of violence.


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    • realtalk247 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I have an appreciation for psychology and how we relate to one another.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 

      6 years ago from West Yorkshire

      interesting article, do you dabble in psychology


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