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Female Supremacy, and the life of a man

Updated on August 26, 2011
Modified version of a picture by Falln-Stock.
Modified version of a picture by Falln-Stock. | Source

Female Supremacy

In this article I will discuss the way female supremacy is often seen/thought of, and what life is like for a man who follows this direction. What I will be talking about here is female supremacy as a type of relationship, not as a type of society, this is a whole different topic.

If you're not sure what Female Supremacy is about, you might want to learn about it first. Be careful where you seek information though, all descriptions might not be accurate (I've actually found websites that describe it as a religion or give pseudo-religious views of it). I also recommend you to check Lucy83's article, which is pretty interesting.

Before I start, let me apologize for my English. I'm aware that this text is poorly written and that the rhetoric isn't quite good. I also had to find ways to express what I wanted, that may not sound right or reflect what I actually wanted to say. But well, that's why I choose to write here: to improve my English. So, let's get started :)

One of the main reasons why I'm writing this, is that I'm quite disappointed by how female supremacy is often perceived. If you search documentation about it on the Internet, 99% of the results only discuss sex, femdom sexuality, BDSM, that sort of things. And the reason why it is disappointing me is that female supremacy, just like an "equal" relationship, is not just about sex. I see female supremacy as a type of relationship like any other. So why don't we ever hear about love and everyday life in a relationship dominated by a woman?

This is something that saddens me. That for many people, "female domination = sex". I don't buy that.

Some might be wondering why a man would submit to a woman if it's not for sexual amusement, here are the reasons:

  • Being under control is reassuring - Submission creates a feeling of safety (of being protected). And if men's need to submit to women actually comes form the mother archetype, then this might be the one of the main reasons for many men.
  • Giving is better than receiving - Some men prefer to give rather than receive. It is well known that women have needs and desires, and some men are much eager to fulfill them. Whether you want an equal or a woman-dominated relationship depends on how much you are ready to give to your partner. Submissive men won't hesitate to give up every bit of their pleasure to satisfy their woman. Again, I'm not exclusively talking about sexuality here, this applies to every domain.
  • Knowing what to do - As said above, women have needs and desire, and unfortunately we do not always understand them. This is problematic in an equal relationship for the woman might not always inform her man of what she wants. A dominant woman, however, gives orders. So you precisely know how to please her, and you can keep her satisfied.
  • Believing in Woman's superiority - There are millions of reasons why one would believe in woman's superiority (from scientific to spiritual reasons, or whatever else), discussing them is out of the scope of this article. Something that we men should not forget is that we owe a lot to the female gender. We've been given life by a woman, and loved and taken care of by a woman when we were young (at least most of us were).
  • Love - Love can make us want to do anything for our partner, or submission could be a way for some of us to express their love.

Of course there might be many other important things I haven't covered here.

But unfortunately, I think many men don't really know any of these reasons. For many, submitting is nothing more than a sexual practice. And that's not submission. It's actually the opposite. If you want to obey in a sexual context, but don't want to be told what to do when it doesn't involve something that turns you on, well that's not submission. It's actually an objectification of the woman.

And this is my point: female supremacy (or domination or what you want to call it) is not a fetish.

Modified version of a picture by Falln-Stock.
Modified version of a picture by Falln-Stock. | Source

The life of a submissive man

This is something I've wanted to say for a while, to whomever it may interest. I wanted to talk about the emotional difficulties that we men have to go through.

So, you're a man like any other and somewhere at the end of your teenage years, you start to realize that females have something very special. And later that will turn into the strongest need you ever felt, which is to serve a woman. And that's when the nightmare begins...

  • Feelings and emotions - I think most submissive men will know what I'm talking about here. When a submissive man is not serving, he feels useless and empty. For many if not most of us, serving is what we want the most in life, so we actually feel that we'll never be happy without being with a dominant woman.
  • The numbers - No matter if is true or not, it is well-known that there are much more submissive men than there are dominant women. You might know about this fact, but now try to imagine what it means for a man. It means that, once we become aware of our need to submit, we already know that there's almost no chance that we'll ever be fully happy. Now add this to what I previously mentioned about feeling useless, it can be very depressing sometimes.
  • Finding the right person - If you want to have a girl/boyfriend, you'll naturally try to find someone with whom you have many in common, with whom you'd like to be, ... This is already hard. But if you're looking for someone who also wants to be in control, it becomes almost impossible. Probabilities that you will find someone with both these parameters are very low.
    It's not just about finding a dominant woman, it's also about finding love.
    This will be even more problematic for men who don't want to be in an equal relationship, because they must not make any mistake.
    While dating websites might seem like a good way to meet the person we're looking for, it may not be a good idea to use them.
  • Culture - Definitely one of the most problematic issues. Modern culture doesn't accept "differences", just look at how homosexuals are treated. And submissive men have the same problem. The norm for men is to be as masculine and macho as can be, so a submissive man must make sure that no one will know about his secret, it could be very bad or even dangerous for him. This is why I said it might not be a good idea to use D/S dating sites. Put you're name and/or picture on that kind of website, and if someone you know finds it, it's over for you. Fear, that's what it translates into.
  • Culture, part 2 - There are also problems caused by the way certain women see submissive men. We might be called "perverts", I've seen that come up often on the Internet. When you know what submission is truly about (like I explained in the previous chapter), you know that it doesn't make sense to be called a pervert. It also shows a huge lack of tolerance.
    Now imagine what it must be like for a submissive man to be rejected like this by a woman. And how hard it is to find the right person when you can't openly let people know what you're looking for.
    What I just talked about also shows how distorted modern values are. Most couples today are dominated by men, but women who live with this aren't called perverts. So, it is normal for a woman to submit, but not for a man. This is just another symptom of a patriarchal society.

And this is what we have to go through everyday; for some it might be better, for others it could be even worse. I hope you've learned something good.


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    • Arizona-Jim profile image

      Jim K 3 days ago from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

      "Being under control is reassuring" -- this is spot on, and thank you for placing it as the number one reason why males submit to Women. As a matter-of-fact, being told what to do gives me the ultimate sensation of being of value. I am a task-oriented submissive, and I receive great joy from being led and directed. I, at times, had been developing the purpose-orientation which is great, but overall my purpose is to serve the Dominant, who decides my purpose. And yes, LOVE, is a great motivation for submitting to a Woman. We don't just submit to anyone... that would be in line with fetish / cheap thrills. To serve means that you love that person, and that you would do anything for them that is reasonable.

    • Arizona-Jim profile image

      Jim K 3 days ago from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

      Great article. Thank you! I am glad that we have a Forum to discuss this here, as opposed to the 'fetish' sites which don't really work for me. Agreed about Lucy83's posts and the quality and fine insight that she has. Finding her profile and posts this weekend has opened my World quite a lot!

    • profile image

      just one 3 years ago

      Hi Sweetie

      Let me start with an anti-troll pep-talk:)

      Men and women comes in two groups, submissive and dominant.

      When they fit together, magic happens.

      Your txting is perfectly clear btw:)

      Remember that women is different form men in their biology.

      What I want to point out to you, and readers of your blog, is that the female brain is able to change its own sexual programming, easier than men. Females will be more ready to consider living Dominantly, once the options is actually put forth to them by a man they like, otherwise they'll remain "Eve", because "Adam" is mostly the man they will have to learn to live with thoughout life:)

      This is because we have had to adapt to the brute force of men through evolution. We are the one that changes for you, so we can change to become Dominant for you as easy as we can change to become surpressed.

      That being said, I knew from a very young age that I was sexually aggressive and dominant, and my Mother told me that it would bring me in trouble with men:) Dominant women and sub women don't always get along I have noticed, and I can really be disapointed by the behaviour of dominant men, its really squirky for me, when they act as if all women in the know univers is submissive. So I guess it is the same as with other groups, some know from the very start, some develop or discover it later in life.

      If you have troubles finding a good dominant woman, try opening their thoughts up for it first.

      If the woman have a dominant disposition, you as the submissive male, might already have noticed that very disposition in her.

      But we are more used to being the subs of strong and sometimes stupid men, so a woman need to know that the chance for a different type of life is really real, before she will choose to make the change happen.

      We do desire men as men desire women, but very much unlike men, we can control ourselves almost indefinetly:)


      just one, now go populate the earth

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      I am not sure that I understand your meaning of " submissive man." If you mean the man who is often referred to as "henpecked," I know the type. Some men are not too proud to admit that their wives are better at many things that a man would normally do, so he backs down and lets her do it for the better. He listens, helps, follows, and is eager to please. He tries hard to keep the peace by pleasing his wife. He will cook, clean house, and attend to children more than most men. He does not mind being his wife's helper. Would Esther's husband of SANFORD AND SON be a good example of a submissive man? I think his name was Woodrow. He was mouthy, but obedient. I know a few men like this and they are seldom bothered by their role, except when other men tease them. Submissive men seem to stay married to their wives more than aggressive men.

      This subject is seldom tackled. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Peelander Gally 5 years ago

      Voted up. Whoa, the other comment is just the kind of societal rejection you're talking about, isn't it? Deep-seated childhood issues surely contribute to the mindset of many people who feel compelled to control or allow someone else to control them, but basically writing off an alternative sexual preference with "you're screwed up" even after reading a reasonable explanation of it certainly doesn't help anyone. Calling women unstable animals with a sense of entitlement without mentioning that men are the same animals also strikes me as incredibly sexist and offensive; someone who actually thinks that way is more likely projecting their own experiences and insecurities onto you.

      Anyway, I'm in the process of writing a complex and controversial fetish Hub and this one was suggested to me. I wish there were more like it. If people were less repressed and more open about their sexuality, there wouldn't be nearly as many rapists and serial killers out there, much less good people who have been made to feel like freaks by societal norms.

    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 5 years ago from Ohio

      Scientifically they are no reasons why women are superior well at least no creidble scientific sources exsist. I honestly think youwere abused in some way as a child and never came to the realization that the women abused you because they are animals with sense of entitlement and are unstable.