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Respecting Every Woman

Updated on August 22, 2014

When the Lord of Death asked Yudhisthira, what was more nobly sustaining than the Earth, the answer given by him was 'Mother.' From pristine days and for eons future earthlings cannot germinate without a mother, yet the atrocities being practiced against them are horrendous. We dwell in a patriarchal set up where men believe that a girl-child from her very childhood must learn to bend properly as she has to bend for the rest of her life. The customs of Swati in Vogue earlier is obsolete now, still a few shadows of it remain when we torment a daughter-in-law to death for dowry. Even in remote parts of our country, infanticide and honor killing are considered as acts of muscular masculinity.

However the male domination has been subdued by the fact that women are holding key positions in politics, sports and games, police and military, and in nursing which requires the womanly healing touch. They are no longer housewives or restricted to the precincts of home but have every capability to tread on the Earth hand in hand with men. women are as good as we men and we need to be a bit more reverential towards them. Just in the same way, two eyes are required to give complete vision, man and woman are inseparable as the word 'man' itself is womb-ed in the word 'woman'.


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