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Woman, Wife or Queen?

Updated on January 16, 2015

Are You a Woman, Wife or a Queen?

Many women pride themselves in being queens in their ‘own right’. I do believe them. Well, I believe some of them; just a few really. So, what really does make a queen? In every woman, two aspects usually exist. A woman and a wife. The woman is the physical aspect of you. The wife, however, is the spiritual aspect. You become a woman by birth. The wife in you, however, has to be awakened.

Most women go through their entire life without the wives in them. Please note that when I say ‘wife’, I do not refer to the married woman. No honey. I refer to the intuition within a woman. That capability of knowing what to do in different situations. The ability to persevere through fire with a smile on her face. A wife, therefore, can be married, single, divorced, you name it. So, as I was saying, the wife in a woman needs awakening by a king. And most people think that any man can be a king. A king has his specific set of characters that I will share with you later. This king, upon awakening, should be able to help you through certain situations that help you become a queen. A king does not necessarily have to be your spouse. It could be your father, a friend or a mentor.

If you read the bible, you can relate this with the story of Esther. Esther was a humble, ordinary girl that was picked to ‘audition’ to become queen after the king divorced. She was recognized from a vast crowd of girls all over the nation that pretty much covered the whole of Asia at the time. Anyway, she had her uncle to ground her and instruct her in very testing circumstances and she pretty much ended up as the best queen ever in A.D, and a very understanding husband for a king.

So, that is pretty much it. To be a queen, you need to be the best wife ever. You need to know yourself from the core. You need to know your intuition abilities, when you are at your best or worst, where your faith lies, how you relax, how you communicate with others, because let’s face it, if you have (or will have) a family or business, you are the glue holding everything together. And you are there because a king put you alongside him to rule. And women still ask why men exist? I bet a queen would know. LOL!

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