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Women: Better Half is not getting Equal Half

Updated on April 24, 2011
Faces of Powerful women in India
Faces of Powerful women in India
Education can change Destiny
Education can change Destiny

Women are the creator and generator of the universe. Women from centuries have been struggling and fighting for their rights in the society. Every stage they have been tested at different levels. Even in olden days they were sold to rich merchants and “Sati pratha” was very common in our Indian society where, she was put on the death bed with husband without any second thought. Not only this, since ages the new born baby girl is not welcomed in the society. And female feticide is commonly seen in our society. Killing, burning women’s for dowry is everyday heading in the news.

Above all this woman’s can’t live in society alone as they are mal-treated and bullying, teasing is very common. Living in an independent country they don’t enjoy the freedom of expression even till date. In Muslim country women are not permitted to come in front in any decision and “nakab” or “burka” is an important dress in the society, where they are not allowed to face men without covering the face.

Even after facing all these hardships, Women’s have thus proved in different sector as capable, confident and strong.

As examples of history are in front of us:

Kiran Bedi is an example, as she has proved that women can do anything and everything if she has strong will power to do it.

Mother Teresa is one of the example as she have stood for women rights and supported them and saved Humanity.

Jhansi ki Rani is one of the biggest examples as she has stood with sword for her rights in the battle field against armed forces.

Indira Gandhi: Has been our Former Prime-Minister three decades ago.

Benazeer Bhuto: Has been Prime-Minister of Muslim Country and has proved her-self to all of us. Even our present President is a women. Sonia Gandhi is another women having Powerful position.

Women’s work more than men but they are still discriminated in society. Even equal opportunity law has been made but has not been effectively implemented as, for same work they are paid less.There are many people who say that women don’t enjoy freedom of speech or Expression in Muslim countries. But as it is not the fact as they are mal- treated even in different countries as they are emotionally and physically weak.

Women’s are responsible for running the household and managing the internal chores, and above all the responsibility of children is on them to maximum extent. Men don’t come anywhere near even in helping or spending time to household in comparison to women. Women do maximum work and enjoy the least comforts and income from self input.

How long they will suffer? And why they should suffer?

Suggestion for Today’s Women:

Let’s stand hand in hand for one another in this fight for freedom, a right of expression and freedom to speech. Come, let’s join and prove our strength and capability to the world.

I as a writer have tried my best to express my expression about the topic but as I am a learner I will appreciate any suggestions or comments.


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