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Why Do People Manipulate Others - Women Manipulation Tactics on Men - and How to Avoid Manipulative People

Updated on March 14, 2015

Survival for the Fittest

Each one of us, men and women, is manipulative in one way or the other. You may not manipulate your friends and relatives but you may be manipulating your employer or the search engine called Google. What’s differentiates us is the degree of manipulation one has – some people are very manipulative and others are just slightly manipulative. In the law of natural selection or ‘survival for the fittest’ in all animals including man and woman, the more you can manipulate the other, the more fit you are to survive. Manipulation is a function of traits that have a genetic basis in both men and women. Manipulation in men is slightly different than manipulation in women.

Preach Water Whilst Drinking Wine

In humans, the society considers it morally wrong to manipulate others. The survival of the fittest theory may not be entertained by the society as it will provides a justification for behaviors that are against the society’s set moral standards which in turn will be detrimental to the weak in the society. But it’s no wonder for one to spot members of the same very society preaching water whilst drinking wine.

People Dread Manipulators

The question, ‘what are the female manipulations tricks that a woman can use to have a man give her what she want’, is asked and many readers here on Hubpages seem to shy away from it. This is because people dread people who can manipulate them. Cobrafan, a man, said this: “There are no manipulations tricks any woman can use to make any man just give up his money. I hope you lady weren't planning to use such tricks to extract money from men for you will fail miserably. Anyone who wants to manipulate people into just giving them money is the scum of the Earth”. So, it’s natural for men not to believe or accept that there is no woman on earth who can manipulate them into giving out what they the ladies want.

When A Woman Wants Something, She Is Going To Have It

Manipulation of men by women is legendary and it’s not going to stop now. It is normally said that when a woman wants something seriously, it maybe a forgiveness or a favor, she is going to get it one way or another by using every known tactic in the book. Now, that is a statement many people would like to dispute and with good reasons.

A Girl Child Is More Socially Manipulative

It is also a well known fact that a boy child is generally more aggressive physically than a girl child, whilst the girl child is more socially manipulative than a boy child. A girl child is more likely to attempt to dust dad’s laptop or to say good things about him before confronting him to buy her a certain toy. A boy child will just ask dad to buy him a toy – he buys it or leave it. Whilst we may agree that a girl child is more socially manipulative than a boy child, this is not intentional but they are born that way and in their hearts they mean well.

Manipulating People Is Not Easy

Does working smarter means: instead of you breaking your muscles trying to lift a 20 kilogram weight, why don’t you have two guys lift it free of charge on your behalf? Manipulating people is not an easy thing and it requires a lot of well planned strategies and intelligence. Effective manipulation to a man is done by a woman in a deceitful manner because if a man get to know he is being played on, he is most likely to respond in unnecessary negative manner which will not only fail to yield the desired results but will make the lady feel ashamed, remorseful and guilt. In the case of manipulation by a sociopath, the issue of feeling ashamed, remorseful or guilt should not arise and the person can comfortably repeat the same manipulation tactics the next day on you as if nothing ever happened yesterday.

Boy, just a single wink of the right eye by a beautiful woman coupled with a light smile will make you expose all your hidden cards?
Boy, just a single wink of the right eye by a beautiful woman coupled with a light smile will make you expose all your hidden cards?

Just a Single Wink of the Right Eye

The reason many men fell victims to women’s manipulation is because they have one great weakness -  just a single wink of the right eye by a beautiful woman coupled with a light smile will make him expose all his hidden cards whilst the lady still has hers well hidden under the table. In a scenario like this he shouldn’t expect to win the game unless the lady just sympathizes with him. Unfortunately what may be at risk here may be huge amounts of money belonging to the man. In men, unlike women, lust and desire to love can build up very fast within the first few weeks of encountering a sweet young girl – and this is where the catch is. In true love, the contribution of each of the two partners should approximate to a ratio of 50/50 after discounting for the different skills and capabilities of each of the partners. It’s all built on trust for each other. Ideally, what each partner should contribute should flow naturally rather than both partners sitting down and doing some arithmetic. If the said ratio is far below or far above the range of 50/50, then chances are likely one of the partners is being manipulated heavily by the other partner.

Real Men Should Not Shed Tears

Real men do not shed tears and as such men do not like someone crying. Women have no problem shading tears and can do it anytime to make a guy give in to their demands. Tears have power and even children knows it. Children will easily cry when they want their father to buy them a toy. Crying is one tactic that is commonly used by women when they want to manipulate a man. Just a few drops of tears and a little sobbing here and there is most likely going to make a man give in to her unreasonable demands.

Women Are Very Observant

Women are very observant and your woman may just need only a few days to understand you more than you know yourself. A guy who loves football may be excited to get an irresistible gift of a magazine covering his favorite team or a ticket to watch a game of football involving his favorite team next weekend. A few days after you have received the gift you may be told this: “I intend to travel upcountry over the weekend to visit my parents but unfortunately I am having problem with money and I don’t know what to do…. so…”    So what? A real gentleman who is in love should be able to auto complete favorably such statements, accompanied by the appropriate help, when they come from a dear sweetie. Yes, a real gentleman, even if he spends everything he owns on his woman, must show no emotion. Money must be so far beneath a real gentleman that is worth a beautiful woman troubling about.

Temporary Withdrawal

If after applying the above tactics, the man is still not agreeing to be manipulated, then it’s about time the woman may temporarily withdraw from the scene. She may make herself unavailable to him, make herself look busy and talk less to him. The idea is to make him fear that she can move on without him and that her commitment to him may no longer be there after all. Sooner, the guy may come back pleading to her and that should present a good opportunity for the woman to ask for her needs.

A Crave for Praises and Compliments

A man craves for praises and compliments just like a woman, the only difference being that he doesn’t shows it out. A manipulating woman will look at a man and will immediately spot a few features in the man that need to be showered with praises and compliments. It’s when a man is in that good mood of high spirits that a woman introduces manipulation and hopefully the guy should respond positively to her demands.

A Man Feels Great When He Helps a Lady

Women are as intelligence just as men are. For whatever reasons, a man usually feels great when he has helped a lady he loves. Manipulative women already know this and will pretend to be helpless when they have a small problem thus giving the man an opportunity to prove himself he is a capable provider. The idea is for the woman to let him fix her problem for he will feel like a hero when the woman’s problem is solved. The lady may have an electrical problem in her bedroom – perhaps her bulb is fused, she may call her guy to come and fix it. He may have to drive for 20 kilometres only to come and find that it’s only the bulb that needs a replacement. She may explain this by telling him that she did not feel like calling an electrician in the nearby location because she would not like another man entering in her bedroom. The man is likely to feel very happy and honored and forget he is actually being manipulated.

How to Avoid Being Manipulated By a Woman

What should a man do to avoid being manipulated by a woman? What a man need do is first to ask himself how is it that the lady in question is able to manipulate him: She does it by introducing her s*xuality to him and then as soon as the chemistry of her s*xuality starts burning in him, she withdraws it from him to keep him wanting for more. What is it she has that you as a man don’t have? Nothing: if she thinks she has a fruit of variety “F” that you don’t have, then you have a fruit of variety “M” that she doesn’t have and which is equally valuable just like hers. Remember that true love is all about equal partnership between a woman and a man. If it’s not an equal partnership, then most likely you are being manipulated and that is unacceptable and anti-social – withdraw and walk out. You will be surprised that the moment you withdraw she will start looking for you and that she will get extremely turned on by you now that she can’t be able to control and manipulate you to her will. However, withdrawing completely may not be as easy as you may think because of the power of love. You can withdraw for a few days but the power of love will just keep on taking you back to her – it’s as if some love spells have been sprinkled on you. Just keep your mind focused, day and night, on all the negative things she has ever done to you and sooner you will manage to go free off her forever.

More Men Are Manipulating Women

On earth, there are as many women as there are men. Unfortunately, there are three times as many men sociopaths as there are women sociopaths. Extrapolating this would suggest that there are more men who are manipulating women than there are women manipulating men.

Manipulation by Men in the Olden Days

In my community, about 100 years ago, my great grandfather was an elder of a traditional council which was the highest ranking order in that community. His decisions, judgments, and status was highly respected and never questioned by the people. He was held in such high regard that a mere mention of his presence in certain villages was enough to fill people with fear and people would immediately try to correct on any area that needed moral tidiness. His status in the council of elders had given him powers to judge cases of murder and manslaughter, and those touching on the misuse of witchcraft (read evil sorcery). Unfortunately, as much as 95% of those punished on misuse of witchcraft were women, for whatever reasons. For my great grandfather to have reached his status in the traditional council of elders, he had to undergo several initiation rituals in several councils of elders each of increasing importance, and one initiation after the other until the day he died.

Shooting the Arrow

One such initiation ritual that my great grandfather had to undergo was called ‘shooting the arrow'. In this initiation ritual, my great grandfather had to provide (read manipulate) his wife to the tribal elders (all men) who were to initiate him. In broad day light, an object (perhaps the size of an almond nut) had to be hidden anywhere in his wife’s body. In the presence of the husband, the elderly elders would come and search for the hidden object all over her body without anyone raising objection. Even when they had found the object, the elders would not say so but would continue to search thus driving a lot of pleasure to themselves until they were satisfied with touching her body parts. Now, those elders were the real manipulative men in their true colors. My great grandmother was, by extension, my mother. The question I ask myself is this: Why could my great grandfather have agreed to be manipulated by other men in such a way as to allow those searches to be done on my mother in broad day light?  Why were these men so selfish, cruel and crude? Didn’t my great grandfather have other options? It seems like the situation was set in such a way that the guy had no other options.

We Are All Manipulative

When the great scientist, Charles Darwin, coined the phrase ‘survival for the fittest’ he was falling short of saying that we are all manipulative only that the degree of manipulative-ness varied from one individual to the other.

Do Not Do It

Manipulating other people is anti-social and the society will not entertain you. If you start manipulating other people, it may look like a joke to you at first, but sooner you will start hearing other people referring to you as a sociopath. The moment they refer to you as a sociopath, you have no future.  Please don’t do it.

This Article Is Meant For Entertainment Purpose Only

This article is in no way intended to advocate an immoral practice to its readers but rather it is meant for entertainment purpose only.


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