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Women; Paying Bills & Getting Their Thrills

Updated on April 10, 2018

In today's world being single is not what it used to be. Guys used to run the dating scene but not anymore. There was a time women dreams were to fall in love, get married, and raise a family making sure her spouse was well taken care of. Dinner was cooked and bath water ran in the evening and the coffee and newspaper ready in the morning. This Mona Lisa Smile way of thinking and living is no longer the woman of 2018 idea of life. I’m sorry guys women are now getting more education and running corporations. Since women are taking on the world instead of waiting for someone to give it to them the dating scene has changed significantly. Women aren’t waiting by the phone and may not have even saved your number in their cell simply because you haven’t given them a reason to. Come closer I'll tell you how this dating thing is working and if you pay real good attention you may even find yourself planning a wedding, but more importantly preparing for a marriage.

What Does She Want

"I pay bills, I take her out to eat, I even pay for her to get her hair done what more does she want?" Does this sound familiar? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but while all of those things are nice you are doing nothing that another person won’t do. You are not creating a memorable moment for her. You are simply doing what you should be doing anyway because you value her. Did you open her door? Did you walk on the traffic side of the street as you all were walking? There are many others these are just a few. Yes, old fashioned but women are watching and these simple things tell her how you were reared as a child and you have morals. Morals are points. If you manage to get points you may manage to find the woman of your dreams. Now that we have established that morals are points you may be wondering what else gets me points? I’m glad you asked. Women also want you to know what you want.

Whatever You Want To Do

My brethren, how can you say "I don’t know what more she wants from me.", if you can’t formulate a date on your own. You have to have a plan or you fall into the basket of wayward thinking individuals. She isn’t your mother she doesn’t want to tell you where to take her because that will take away from the fun of her getting to learn who you are. If you can show her you can think on your own and even make a suggestion at the table of what she may enjoy will get you major points. You may now be asking how you will know if she doesn't tell you what she wants to eat. That's an easy one, listen. No really listen to her and ask her questions about her day. I guarantee you she will tell you all the information you will need for your first date. The key to listening is paying attention, so if you say "I hate that I'm allergic to shell fish" and her response is she hates being allergic to pollen because she loves flowers don't bring her real flowers bring her a bouquet of the most realistic flowers you can find to appeal to her love of flowers but you kept in mind her allergies. Now you are listening effectively. If this seems like too much work you will find yourself the only member of your group of friends that remains single. I am not saying anything is wrong with that as Polonius in Hamlet said "To thine own self be true,” However if you are tired of bouncing around and want to have "Cupcake Tuesdays"(Kevin Hart Let Me Explain) with your lady I dare you to try changing things up.

What about Sex

What about sex? Let me put it this way women have access to more gadgets than you want to acknowledge. Ladies aren’t shy about sex anymore and unless you have been living under a rock Google is the gateway for many. If she needs to take the edge off a little vibrating device will do the trick. As much as you want to believe that she needs a partner the reality is she will be just fine. Moreover if she wants a partner in bed she has her picks as well as you do and will choose whomever she pleases. Ladies now have conquered the world of sex so well they can make you feel that you are their first and only choice in bed and have you feeling so special in order to receive the climax of their desire and when it’s over will get dressed tap you on your sleeping shoulder to say she is going home. She has gotten what she came for and is now going back to her regularly scheduled program. No hard feelings fella’s just the reality. Now what do you do to stop this? Well you can start by deleting your booty calls because just like you have your list of easy bangs she also has hers. Show your lady you want to be her one and only and you want her to be yours but only if you are ready to stop playing the trivial games of hide and seek.

What If It’s Too Late

I gather many guys feel that they have missed the ONE. If you find yourself in this number I assure you it’s not too late. It’s time to step your game up and show her you mean business this time. Women now hold their time to esteem and either you are worth it or you are not but one thing is true you are the determiner of that. If you don’t show her a reason and you are not earning any points don't get upset when you see her on instagram enjoying her life with someone worthwhile, or on face book with an updated relationship status on her page. It’s time to get your ass off of your shoulders i.e. put your pride aside and go for it. Take the first steps of rebuilding your dating life. The time is now. Your moment is only as far as you want it to be. Stop blaming others for your short comings take ownership and well grow up. Women have evolved and you must do the same if you plan on settling down with one. Thank you for listening

© 2013 Tiffany C Jefferson


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