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Women! - Take Back Control Of Your Life!

Updated on August 4, 2017

Taking Back Control

We ladies have to take back control of our lives at some point. We have spent the major portion of our lives nurturing and helping others. First we had to be obedient to our parents, then we had to listen to our teachers, lecturers, we then had husbands or personal others and then came children. We gave and gave and gave. We helped everyone along the way, which was good. But now is time to give back to ourselves - it is time to Take Back Control. As we mature (notice I did not use the word "old") our needs change and we need to priortiize.

Loving Ourselves

Re-learning to love ourselves is very important. We can do this in various ways - mild exercises, eating well, dancing, nature walks, shopping, visiting the spa and beauty parlour, chatting with friends, simply even doing nothing - just pure relaxation. It is like being oblivious to everyone but yourself. NO! It is not selfishness - it is "ME" time. You actually relate to others better when you do this for you.

Have regular check-ups done at your doctor, your dentist. Make sure your body is in good condition. Take a holistic view. Be kind to yourself. You no longer have to care for your young children. You do not have to do without for the sake of your children anymore. Do not be bored as this is the best time of your life.

Menopausal women tend to feel lost and out of it. Why should you? Visit your health care practitioner - get the green light - then go full speed ahead with no regrets. Vitamin supplements, if necessary, should aid you along the way. Wouldn't you like a manicure or a pedicure? What about a sugar body scrub or sea salt scrub? Pamper yourselves! NO NEGATIVITY! Vacations are always refreshing and relaxing. Get with friends, husband, significant other, whomever you choose - just GO! Sometimes we do not like our reflection in the mirror. Do something about it - only YOU can. However, do not compare yourself with anyone else. Just be you. You are unique, one of a kind.

What Can I Do For Me Today?

We spent most of our lives either as full-time Moms or Career Women. One way or another we were tugged or pulled in different directions. How much more can we take? So... breathe in... breathe out and thank your Maker for the life that you have. Ask yourself - what can I do for me today? You have only the moment. Revel in it. It is the present, which is a gift. Some of us may have been abused in some form. It is time to walk away from that. You were placed on earth to enjoy the fruits of your labor, respect yourself and others. If someone really loves you - no abuse would take place. In your quiet time ladies - just check yourselves. Do an inventory - the pluses and the minuses. Most times you would end up with more assets than liabilities.

Aim High and Rise Up

Women are the ones who can give birth.  We are the ones who nurture.  We are the ones to give unconditional support and love.  Whether you have been appreciated or not - so what! - YOU HAVE YOU.  You have it within you - deep within yourself to rise up out of any situation and reach for the stars.  Keep aiming high despite the naysayers.  Detractors are all around us.  They are like 'imps' trying to discourage and keep you back.  NO! NO! NO!  We are better than that.  Whatever age we are at, we are supposed to feel good about ourselves.

So start today - as a matter of fact - Right Now - RISE!  And Take Back Control!


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    • CARIBQUEEN profile image

      CARIBQUEEN 7 years ago

      Thank you for your comments

    • profile image

      SuperWoman 7 years ago

      My children are young now and I'm enjoying life. When they're grown I plan to enjoy life all the same! This article should motivate all gals! Not just those who think like us