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Women That Provoke Men To Abuse Them

Updated on October 7, 2012

We Are The Women, Who Cares About The Welfare Of Battered Women

We are the sisters of Comfortzone4women
We are the sisters of Comfortzone4women | Source

Did She Really Take Him There

Let's face reality, a lot of women provoke men to hit them, and let me be honest. I was once one of those women. I felt like it If I was paying the rent, the bills, the car-note, the food, who in the hell is home boy meaning my husband at the time, had any right or say so in this household, I was the queen of the castle and if you did not do what I asked you were going to get thrown out of the kingdom. I was power tripping.

I looked at my significant other as weak and useless, I thought to myself he not a man, he's weak, lazy and stupid. I had no respect for this man, even though he was my husband. In my mind he was my husband only when I wanted him too, other than that, he was a broke ass...............

He would tell me, why would I put him on front street in front of his homies, I embarrassed him and now his homies is laughing and making jokes about how I put his business out on the street. Again I thought to myself, the nerve of him what business do he have, I'm the one that's holding it down for me, him and the kids.

Hours later after I would put our business out there to his homies, he would come back home, really drunk and loud talking me, telling me, he stressed out and he feel like robbing someone. Again I would feel very powerful mentally and think to myself what a weakling, he is so sorry, why am I with him, I really tired of his lazy ass. I'm the hustler in this family, I'm the go getter, I'm the one with the college education in this family, he is really beneath me.

My husband would come home drunk, so I would have sympathy for him. He would tried to grab me to hug me, but I hated the smell of a drunk and I would only push him away, the more he would try to hug and kiss me, I was disgusted in him. Then when the hugging and kissing wouldn't work with me, he would start blaming me for the reasons why he don't have a job. I wouldn't help him put in applications over the Internet for employment, I would not take him to and from work, that's why he don't have a job now. Those particular comment would instantly turn into an argument instantly. It would make me mad because he was trying to use the blame theory for the reason he is unemployed, How dare him," I thought to myself. Then I would be so mad, that I would start hitting him, screaming I hate you, I hate you. As he try to restrain me and say to me, stopping hitting me, I'm going to hurt you, I would be so mad with anger towards him, I heard the warning but I didn't and by then, not only was I mad but now crying. As he continue to try and restrain me, I managed to get one arm loose and swung my hand, so fast and hard, I knew by the look in his eyes, I was now in trouble.Ooh shit, I thought to myself, now you did it and sure enough, here comes his fist right across my face, which cause me to fall, giving him the opportunity to have full control to land on top of me as he continue to punch me. Now I had to do everything in my power to get this man off of me. I kick him, scratch him, I did whatever I had inside me to defend myself and as he continue to hit me, I begin to yell and scream for someone to help me. I yell for my kids to go and get help and as my kids ran to the door to get help from a neighbor, the neighbor were already at our door, trying to get in to pull my husband off of me. As my husband was pulled off of me, I was crying, screaming with blood running down my face and nose. My neighbor yelled to my husband to stop before he goes to jail, he would try and break away from being restrained and say, she started hitting me first, but even though I provoke him of course I played the victim and said he don't love me, look at the way I'm bleeding, he forgot who I was, and broke down in tears even more. As my husband was able to calm down a little to catch his breath, he could then see the damage he cause, immediately started to apologize, grabbing my hands to force me to hug and forgive him, but by then it was too late and I didn't care whether he go to jail or not, I was in pain and bleeding. The hell with his sorry ass.

Then the begging would start, please don't call the police,he would say, I will leave and you don't have to see me again. Not thinking clearly, I would agree to those conditions, of course he would grab a few things and leave. Then your left there alone in pain, hurt because he put his hands on you, crying, trying to convince yourself, all the love he once had for you is now gone.

As a few hours have passed since the fight, you now had time to analyze the whole incident in your mind and realize if you hadn't start swinging on him first, there would have never been a fight. Now the guilt sets in, the loneliness, now he is missed and you realize how much you really love him and when he decides to call you,your mind is already made up, that as soon as he calls you are going to asked him to come home. What about the fact he hit you, girlfriend! You remember the word of God, Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

Hello girlfriend, God didn't say be no fool, but you tell yourself, I love him and I can't see him with another woman, that would break my heart.

The phone ring, it's him, you both talked about what took place, he said he's sorry and wants to come home,you tell him you love him too. He comes back home and the now that he's back home you realize, he's taking you for granted again and the cycle of violence starts all over again

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Women Pushing Men To Violence

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    • profile image

      TheTruth 22 months ago

      So are you a self proclaimed abusive-victim? Wait, what?!?!?

      This is some crazy stuff right here and what is worst is that it happens regularly in our society. Many men's lives get destroyed by the conscious evil premeditated actions of this psychologicaly crazy females. Not only legally but also physically and for life. Do you crazies know what happens to a man who gets thrown in jail for false domestic violence charges? Do you know what they'll(inmates) do to him inside? You crazy abusive female bullies are nothing but scum. If a female does this shiet to a man you are lucky that man let you live and didn't choke you to death. Wow.

    • profile image

      XXX 3 years ago

      So I'm confused does the author take responsibility for her part in what happened or does she consider herself a battered woman?

    • profile image

      Hiwayman 4 years ago

      "Let's face reality, a lot of women provoke men to hit them, and let me be honest. I was once one of those women."

      I'm 62 y/o .And this is the 1st time I've EVER heard anything like honesty where women and DV are concerned. My last ex(25 years ago) was a lot like you. Verbally abusive and a bully. Til she pushed me far enough and I'd smak her. Off to jail I'd go. While she was telling the world how abusive I WAS. It's a really chickchit game you females pull to get the upper hand. Play the bad @ZZ and push,push push til we men have had enough.I've never dated, nor had a thing to do with women since.If this is what we men are expected to put up with then deal me out.