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Women Who Love Big Men

Updated on August 21, 2013
Comedian Ralphie May. You know someone loves this big boy!
Comedian Ralphie May. You know someone loves this big boy! | Source
A Wealthy Victorian-era Gentleman. Women Who Love Big Men
A Wealthy Victorian-era Gentleman. Women Who Love Big Men | Source

While most ladies like athletic or slim guys, there are also women who love big men. Extra padding is not only desired on a man but is a requirement for them. Today we talk to two women who like fat men to see what draws them to the big boys.

Clarissa, 27 is dating Charlie, 29, and she says she is proudly a female chubby chaser. "I knew Charlie was for me when I laid eyes on him. He looked like he would be the perfect teddy bear for me."

"I like a guy who I can just fall into at night to keep me warm and make me feel protected." Clarissa says that the attraction might come from the fact that her dad is a big guy. "I was always a daddy's girl and my dad always gave the best reassuring hugs when I was hurt or scared. He was about 60 lbs. overweight I think."

Lucy, 34, is married to Michael, 33. Lucy says that she simply didn't want a man that is her size. "To me, a guy should be much larger than me. I didn't find guys who are around my height and a little bigger than me to be attractive at all. And those are the types of guys my friends were always into. That's not masculinity."

"I always liked men who were not only heavy but tall too. Mike is the full package. When people see my husband, they clear the sidewalk, and I like that. He is 6'3 and 280 lbs. You can have those skinny weaklings any day. I like my big bear."

When Big Boys Had It All

For most of the duration of the 20th and 21st centuries, the medical community and media have put forth an athletically built man as the picture of health and attractiveness.

However, during Victorian times, larger men were highly desired by women because these men were most often upper middle class merchants and even wealthy industrialists and bankers. Not only did these men not need to do calorie-burning hard labor to earn their living, but the diet of the wealthy was high in meat and fat, which added plenty of pounds to a sedentary man's frame. Very overweight men were few and far-between, so women could identify a wealthy prospective mate quite quickly this way.

Of course, women chubby chasers abound, both then and now, and they would never look at a skinny guy twice!

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