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Women and Men ARE from the same planet!

Updated on October 19, 2016

How many times have you been on the internet, clicked over to your favorite news site and seen bloggers and so called specialists going on and on about the ways to fix your relationship, or even better than that, the "10 things to keep your relationship steamy" tirades? In my forever humble opinion, these articles are a bunch of meaningless words and I call bullshit on every stinking one of them. Oh sure, these articles may have some validity in theory and that may even make you go back to your significant other and say "Hey, this article had some really good points!" Then afterward you will smile and you or she/he will say "What a great idea! We should try this." But the way I see it, tomorrow that article will be so far from your mind, it will never have existed in the first place. Of course, I am by no means a relationship "expert" with degrees and published articles to tickle my ego, but I have had my share of encounters with the opposite sex, been divorced, remarried blah, blah, blah, so let me ramble on. Fun, Yay!

In our thought processes, wants and needs (both mental and physical) and our sex drives as well, women and men are not very different. I guess, if you want to be a brat about it, you can argue that our physical beings are built differently, but I say that is where the difference ends. Take sex for example, women love sex just as much as men do. Unfortunately for them, the culture of this world and our country would have you think that this is not the case, so in turn, women have become pretty good at hiding or controlling those urges. On the other hand, men, through patriarchal based societies, have been given the excuse that a constant sex drive is for men alone and that women are more reserved in nature. Yet, I argue that regardless of physical differences and the cultural implications, our mental thought processes are the same.

With the now common acceptance, of a woman's ability to hold positions in traditional male roles within business and public office, as well as, securing independence in the 21st century and dismantling previous barriers carried by their male counterparts in the home, we see the similarities between the sexes are becoming more apparent. These assumptive differences, based mostly from physical appearance and physical structure, that have been forced upon us generation after generation, are the blockades that have held us back; and as these shortcomings of understanding fall away, we see that our basic needs are pretty much the same. These similarities make it both easy and difficult to co-exist in a relationship and that is why understanding that quick fixes and "Tricks to make your love life better" are just fabricated poppycock and will do nothing for a long term and mature relationship.

Here is my simple breakdown. Don't be an asshole. If you are an asshole, apologize for it and try not to be the same type of asshole twice (we all can be one from time to time, no need to deny it). Don't marry someone you know you can't stand to be around. Don't stay together just for the kids because you will screw them up and damn it, you need happiness as well. Sex is sex and if she doesn't give it up, there is always porn. Basically, be a good person and think about how your actions are going to affect your significant other. They are no different than your friends or family. Your actions will always have a reaction. Isn't it best to strive for as many positive reactions as possible? Out of all the dumb relationship articles I have read, it comes down to the aforementioned breakdown and the simplicity of this one philosophy: If you truly love someone and you want to make it work, no gimmick or dating article is going to help you. Compromise, Respect, communication and letting go of your selfishness, as much as possible, will give you a better chance at happiness than anything else. Lastly, from my thoughts and fingers to your eyes and mind, I give you these things as the basic needs for a stable, long lasting and positive relationship.


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© 2014 Warren Curtis Daniels Jr


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    • profile image

      Justine K. 3 years ago

      Great points! Thanks for your open and straightforward view.