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Women Can Say More With Their Eyes Than Men Can Say With Their Lips

Updated on September 7, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

A Study of Women's Eyes

The Truth of The Matter

comes from the Book of Genesis and of course this book and 65 more books are found in The Bible. I have studied the verses when God, The Creator, spoke everything in existence—land, sky, rocks, water, air, whales, the universe and planets, stars and eagles and He only needed six days to create the world that we have seen for thousands of years. But when it came to us, mankind, He “made” us. Read it for yourself. What stood out from these verses is that He “spoke” the other things and “made” us.

Of course you know that He was talking about Adam. Then God noticed that every living thing, male had a female. From the earthworms to the sparrows to the blue whales, yes, they were all happy because they did not sense what loneliness meant.

Then, The Bible states, that God said, that “this is not good for man to be alone, so I will make him a help-meet (translated help-mate) so the gorgeous, lovely Eve was made as was Adam, and The Bible also says that God said to the angels, to His son, Jesus, the second person of The Trinity and The Holy Spirit, the third person of The Trinity, and said, “let us make man in our own image,” so it was done. So please do not say or think that you are glad that “I” did NOT look like you, because I know that YOU are all pretty, handsome, and just like God created.

Now Let’s Talk About Women

who adorn our lives and I do not mean any disrespect here, I was (mostly) raised by my mother, because my dad had to work most of the time, and you may not believe this, but over 90% of my mom’s teaching rubbed off of me. No brag, I promise. My mother taught me that women, no matter what they do to you, are very special to God, and are special creations in His eyes, so as the years went by, I have had a number of females to tell me off, hate me, but not assault me with their fists. Their verbal assault was enough.

But not long after these “attacks” that these females said that they flew angry at what I said, I remember that these same women did not speak with their pretty lips as much as they let their eyes talk to me. And I listened. Because one reason that I listened is because there is a “certain” look that women get into their pretty eyes, and yes, in a split second, these females’ pretty eyes turn directly into two piercing fire coals and these fire coals can get any male’s attention. It did mine. And even in the case of my wife, Pam, of 44 years, she has looked at me with those fire coals long enough that I got the message. And if you, some of my MALE followers, you know what I mean.

So with what I have shared with you now, are you still waiting for me to talk to you about How Women Can Say More With Their Eyes Than a Man’s Lips? I know that my headline is not perfect in word, but you are sure that you understand what I am talking about. So let’s move on.

When a Woman Looks a Certain Way

say, excited, this is very easy. Her eyes both sparkle like stars in the summer sky with those lovely twinkles that dance to and fro to make couples in love appreciate how God created moments like this.

  • When a woman’s eyes are looking away off – then, Sir, I do not want to hurt your feelings, but your wife or girlfriend has got a problem on her mind and no matter how much you yell or kick-up, the problem will not go away . . . so ease-up. Be patient. Talk softly and tenderly (to) not at, your loved one. You will be amazed at how quick she begins to reveal what her problem was.
  • When a woman’s eyes are looking down – you can just feel how sad she feels about you (or her) having to go out of town on business for a week or so. This is true love. Now if she was jumping up and down squealing for delight, then you, Sir, need to talk to her THEN, not later.
  • Now, if for a long time, you notice that each time that you visit your girlfriend, fiance, or wife and no matter how friendly or romantic you treat her, you catch her looking out of the window in her car. And you say things to her, and maybe in ten minutes, she replies, did you say something? My advice to you is: pull over right away. No woman looks away when she is in love or just needs YOU to give her space or something you may be doing that irritates her. Be tender. And do not raise your voice. Soon you will see those summer sparkles in her eyes.
  • If a woman looks off in mid-conversation as you tell her about a promotion in your company, then, I hate to tell you that you and her have a problem. She is distracted and that is plain to see. Do not let her pseudo giggles and smiles deceive you. Like I have advised before, be patient and understanding. She might be finding it hard to tell you that she wants to see more people, and I don’t want to make you sad . . .and I am sure that there is not a situation or problem that cannot be solved without sincere talking.

Honestly, this piece has put me to thinking about life, love, and the male/female relationship. And although I am not a published novel or screenplay writer, I am happy to be able to share “this” slice of mega-advice and to think at the many pains and heartaches this lecture has defused.

July 9, 2019________________________________________________________

P.S. There was absolutely NO animals harmed in the writing and producing this hub.

Men, What Does The Eyes of These Women Say to You?


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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