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Women on Dating Sites

Updated on November 13, 2011

The Interview

As part of my curiosity about dating sites and how people fair, I placed an ad asking for honest opinions from women about their experiences. I went in with no preconceived notions on what would happen, but I was able to interview one woman and her experiences with a dating site.

Women who visit dating sites control the game, is this news to you? I didn’t think so. The following is an excerpt from what one woman found while visiting dating sites. The real women on the site seem to have one thing in common, hundreds of responses from men. The following questionnaire was answered quite honestly and openly by an African American female from the Atlanta area. Her answers are unedited and pasted directly from her email.

1. How did you hear of dating pages on Craigslist?

I was at a girl's night out meet up and one of the women told me her friend met her husband on CL. At the time I didn’t even know there was a personals section since I only sold things there.

2. What part of the site do you use? Casual encounters? Woman for man? Other?

I use Casual Encounters, MW, MWM,WW and Strictly Platonic and Men for Women

3. How did you word your ad?

Once I posted with the heading "Please make me cum" LOL. I've also posted for a date to a party, workout partner, and when I went to Calif, I posted for someone to take me out while I was there.

4. How many responses do receive daily?

I don't post daily. Haven't posted in a while. I mainly respond to posts now.

Forgot...when I posted to make me cum, I received well over 100 responses within a matter of 30-60 min.

5. What is your approximate age?

I hope my exact age is sufficient- 48

6. What part of town are you in? N S E W downtown East

7. Have you ever met someone from CL?

Yes, many and women

8. How would you rate your experience if you did meet? 1 to 10

They vary from 8-10. I have made some lifetime friends as a result of CL.

9. How would you rate your overall experience on CL?

I've actually gotten more than what I expected. So, a 10

10. Do you use any other sites, how do they compare in experience.
They're just different. CL is where you can get exactly what you seek with not much pretention.

Your great for working with me, I thank you very much.

There was follow up communications that included the following questions and comments.

Are you nervous or excited when meeting someone?

A combination of nervous and excited. If I've spoken to him a few times and the conversation is great, I'm not so nervous as I am anxious. I just love meeting "strangers" who have the potential of being a friend.

Last question, I have been told by men that they have received pictures from women and when they meet, they either don’t look like the picture or the picture is really old and a hundred pounds ago. Have you had the same problem?

Fortunately I haven't. For me, the men actually have looked better than their pic and I've been told the same. I am VERY upfront about being a full figured and tall woman. I hate surprises and would never miss-represent myself.

As you can see, this is about as open as you could expect someone to be, talking to a total stranger. I found it quite refreshing to find someone this honest and open. We continued to have a dialogue for a couple of days and she really seemed to enjoy answering the questions. I wished her the best of luck and discontinued the communications.

So, if you are interested in finding someone on a dating site, you may get lucky and find someone that is actually honest about themselves and what they seek. Now I know it maybe like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, but it does happen. This interview took place after the ad was placed on the Craigslist Atlanta site. My previous article suggested that most of the women on the site were just webmasters looking for men to sign onto their links.

In good faith, I had to relate this to the people out there looking on dating sites, that there is hope out there of actually finding someone honest and open to talk to.


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  • SUSANJK profile image

    SUSANJK 6 years ago from Florida

    Very interesting article. I have often thought about trying some of these sights.

  • weekendrockstar profile image

    weekendrockstar 7 years ago from SE Pennsylvania

    I enjoy reading articles such as this as a guy that frequents dating sites of and on. Any insight we can get into women using the same services is very helpful. I'd definitely appreciate any more writings you can provide on the subject haha

  • hubby7 profile image

    hubby7 7 years ago from Chicago

    Excellent hub! I really enjoyed reading it. Keep writing!

  • Mrs. J. B. profile image

    Mrs. J. B. 7 years ago from Southern California

    She was very honest with you and did not seem to mind mentioning her type o. LOL. Good for her.