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How Women’s Roles Have Changed In The United States

Updated on May 27, 2014

As Breadwinners

The role of women in the United States has undergone significant changes in regards to work, family, and society. Unlike some fifty years ago, more women today are the heads of single families.

More women are also the breadwinners of the family while some men take on more supportive roles. Today women are active in the workplace and in more dominant roles. While discrimination still exists, women can and do move into professional fields.

According to an article on Scholastic, “As women have gradually become leaders in the professions — in medicine, law, and business, for example — they also have taken jobs once regarded as too physically strenuous” (Kane & McCabe).


In Changing Roles

Some women take on jobs such as being construction workers or in the military. Or they run their own businesses, hold positions as lawyers, or are doctors. At the same time, women in poor income levels work two or three jobs to care for their families.

As an article on USA Today states, “These are real-life examples of how changing gender roles and an evolving economy have reshaped American society in barely a generation — from an Ozzie and Harriet nation found in the classic 1950s sitcom to one in which Harriet is increasingly the breadwinner while Ozzie stays home with the kids” (Cauchon, 2013).

Today there are more determined single mothers and women with new roles in regards to gender in what seems to be an ever changing society.


Forms of Discrimination

The more women are working away from home today and in fields and professions that were mainly dominated by men. Yet many women still earn less than men even within our changing society.

So there are still some forms of discrimination against women in the workplace. In regards to politics, women can stretch the social boundaries and there is a high likelihood for a female president in America's future.

Women have prevailed through the conflict of working outside the home and caring for a family. Some of these women may even work two jobs, own their own business, or may be the sole heads of their house. So women in America are adapting and changing in our society today.



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