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Wondering About a Woman? Just Ask Her Hands

Updated on September 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

Look at How a Woman Does The Talking.

I Have to Honestly Tell You

that this hub is really tricky. I thought (a few weeks) ago when I talked about what a woman said with her eyes, was a tough one, but when I started this one, I begin to gather some sensible ideas and took a deep breath of relief that I wasn’t writing a hub about her back side. I’m safe, and that is what I want to be as we go along.

As we grow in life, I found out that I have missed a whole galaxy of information that was just sitting there in front of me and I never thought about it. Too busy, not got enough time, too tough, and on and on and on. There were more excuses for me not to find out more about women that I used to know. And if I did come away with a piece that was sensible in talking about a woman, other guys, those who love to nag another guy for knowing something other guys overlook, would think that I was gay. I tell you now with a resounding NO! No way in creation am I gay!

Now that my blood pressure had grew higher by three points, I think that I will take a break and collect my thoughts. Okay. That was fun. I needed that rest to compose myself and go further about finding out what a woman is really like by studying her hands, and this way, you and I, and the women friends I have on HubPages can be happy and if it is two things I know for sure, that is Jesus and women. Stay on their good sides and life can go smoothly.

Does She Appreciate The Gifts?


So Why Study a Woman’s Hands

a simple answer. No peeking. Why study a woman’s hands is very logical if a sensitive, understanding man wants to know her a lot better, just watch her hand. And I sternly-mean pay close attention to every maneuver and action that her hands are positioned as she talks and just to be sure, some women use their hands to emphasize a certain notice or fact, then she will use her hands as if she is driving a nail with a hammer as if she has drove home her argument. This is called the “Hammer Action,” and is nothing is meant to imply anything illegal or filthy.

Sometimes a woman who is empowered, full of confidence, will use her right hand to get you to see her side of something and that index finger will many times be shook into your face, not as much because she is angry, but forceful and wants her side of the argument to help decide how to solve a problem. Or maybe she has thought about a certain idea on how the direction your office needs to run and her years of experience is coming through her index finger, so do not be offended, guys.

When a woman folds her hands, she is bored. I mean bored stiff. And her spirit, which cannot be hidden, speaks through her physical body and just sitting there enduring what you are talking about. If you should be out of a date with “this” particular woman and you two are sitting a table in your favorite restaurant and you start a conversation, after a few words, her hands will fold, just quickly change the subject or compliment her hairdo. You cannot go wrong with these two “verbal escapes.”

Guys, Learn How to Shake a Woman's Hand.

If a Woman Either at Work

or on a date does appear to like you, then relax. Some guys will work themselves to death to prove that he is good enough to date or travel with and when they try to hard they mess up. So in this case, you are enjoying some small talk and the woman (you notice) is drumming her hand on the tablecloth, but not to make noise, but because it may be the topic that you are telling her about is not any interest to her. She has to be a Leo, a multi-tasker, a chance-talker and far from being a Conservative. Relax. Let her choose the subject and you listen carefully and chat at appropriate times and show a genuine smile. Your date or moment at work will work better. And . . .this woman shows a lot of impatience, thus the fingers drumming a tune on the table.

The same can be said if you are talking softly and injecting bits of humor, and glance at the woman who you have taken out for dinner is sitting there staring at you with her eyes stuck on you and not batting. On top of that, she has one side of her face cupped and looking like, I sure wish that (he) had not called me because he is not as interesting as he is at work.

While your hand is extended on the table and she is talking, smiling, and then softy touches the top of your hand and looks directly into your eyes, then do not worry. There is something about you that she likes, so do this for me: do not overdo. Do not call her every hour of the day, drop by her apartment every hour of the day and use the excuse, while I was in the neighborhood, women are not fools. Do not send thousands of dollars worth of flowers and gifts because you can smother her. And if you want to a close friendship and one that can grow, then take things easy.

Gentle and Humble Says a Woman's Hands.


The woman keeps placing both her hands into her lap and looks down ever so often. You notice this right away, but do not make a scene about it, and that is wise of you. You may be dealing with a woman who is very guarded about her emotions or mental state, so the symbolic gestures of the hands and looking down may be attributed to a subconscious area of her spirit that she does not want to be hurt again. What you need to do is keep on not making a scene about it. Just be yourself and enjoy her company. If she feels that she needs to tell you about “that” or “those” things that have hurt her, she will tell you.

Her Hands Are Covering Something Important.


Here’s Where it Gets Tricky

when you are with a woman on a date. First let me ask, have you and the woman been friends or just acquaintances? It makes a big difference. I can tell you that a woman and a man who are close friends are more apt to let-down their guard and not be so distrusting when talking about personal things. My point is be careful. No one will ever know exactly how much one man will ever know a woman entirely, so I tell you to trod easily, but remain friends just the same.

I will share a few more pieces of advice about a woman’s hands that are tough to discern, but you might find them entertaining.

If a woman should stay focused into your eyes and then put both palms behind her head, that can mean she is listening to you, but thinking about something or (someone) else. So watch for these unique signals and please, do not start probing into what or whom she is thinking about? Play it cool.

When a woman quickly scratches her cheek she is close to making a tough decision about where she wants to be or somewhere she wants to be. Relax, and keep what parts of this friendship that you can keep and just maybe, IF it is a place that the woman is wanting to go, maybe she will be back again.

My last bit of advice about a woman’s hands is a really good one and it will serve you for many years. If you and the woman are out of date and this makes the second month that you and her have been seeing one another, watch this: at the end of the evening as well as the conversation with her, she will reach out (with both hands) and touch your hands with this sensitive smile while gazing into your eyes. This means that she appreciates you, but doesn’t know the words to tell you. That is fine. Enjoy yourself and look forward to your next date with her.

September 8, 2019__________________________________________________

Always Watch a Woman's Hands Closely.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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