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Wondering Why You Want Your Ex Back?

Updated on June 12, 2010

Thinking About Your Ex?

If you find yourself wondering why you want your ex back you probably were in a love relationship of some kind, perhaps could be a marriage that have lasted a long time now, or could also be a short time relationship, either case is hard to let go of something that you may have been attached to.

Do you ever sit down to think if it was really love or just a simple idea of being in love? It is very likely that it was love, but the doubt now is if it was permanent or just temporary, either way you get used to have certain things and sometimes when this things are gone your mind has trouble adjusting, there are these tiny little brain cells that you need to retrain in your brain, because if you don't this brain cells are going to tell you that there is something missing and that is going to be itching.

Same principles apply for those that were intimately attached to their ex, if those people are gone for any reason from your life, those tiny little brain cells that had grown accustomed to that certain person will now have to adjust, while that happens you will be thinking about your ex even if you do not want to until your brain has been successfully retrain.

If you get frustrated because of this, it might help if you get some advice on how to get over an ex from somebody who has already been there or someone who understands this and has already helped some other people, in the other hand if you would like to rekindle the relationship give it a try if you think is worth it, there is also help available to help you getting your ex back if you wish.


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