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Worlds Apart - Dreams

Updated on March 30, 2014

What do your Dreams Reveal?

Dreams can be a funny thing. They can also be very telling. We often refer to that "someone special" as the "man of my dreams." Turns out that some of these guys are, like dreams, fleeting dreams, the kind that are here one moment and gone the next. Dreams change and what one considers to be a dream at one time can be a nightmare at others.

Dreams change. We change. Life changes. What we once considered to be important is often no longer important. Our hopes change. Our realizations change. Some of these are subtle while others are abrupt.

Shattered Dreams

Why then, is it so hard to accept that the dreams of others change as well? This is especially true when that "other" happens to be your partner or spouse. Characters in dreams have a way of morphing into other people. Likewise, spouses often appear to morph into someone else.

Is it any wonder why so many that seem so right for each other at one time are terribly wrong for each other at another time? But, truth be told, it's hard to accept when it's your partner or significant other that no longer dreams of being in a relationship with you. That dream has ended for them but not for you. Your dreams have been shattered.

A Bright Future Lies Ahead

As hard as it is, there is much to look forward to. You will have new dreams, better dreams, ones that you cannot imagine at the present time. They will be beautiful and sweet.

Let your dreams inspire you to challenge yourself with new adventures. Dare to do what you never thought you would. Enjoy the freedom of being able to simply "be". you don't have to live up to another's standards, set your own.

Daydream. See yourself in a new light. Take time to explore new interests, ones that you may have set aside. Perhaps it's time to bring out the inner artist in you, through drawing, sculpting, music, drama or any other form of creativity.

Visit new places. Don't close the door on incredible possibilities. Things you've never imagined possible could be right around the corner.

Dreams that take you in a new directions could lead you to the best dreams ever. Yes, the best is yet to come.


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