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Would You Go Back a Second Time

Updated on September 9, 2010
Searching For Love
Searching For Love

There are reasons to go back


You fuss and fight; you say terrible things to one another that you should never say, and most of the time you regret saying those things. Eventually one or the other is tired of all the back and forth and walks away. Time passes and the two are left wondering should they have walked away in the first place. You sit and analyze the fights. Most of the arguments you can’t remember, but, what you seem to remember is those tender moments. You both begin to try and see other people but you think mostly of the one you were with. You now realize the one you are presently seeing is not really compatible enough for you to want to live forever with them. You can actually see how some of the silly fights you had with your number one was partially your fault and was it really big enough to leave? The love you two first shared can’t be replaced nor duplicated.


Out of the blue one day you decide to pick up the phone just to see how things are and the two of you begin to talk like old times. You can feel his smile and he keeps her laughing. You haven’t had this type of a good talk in a very long time. Finally one or the other asks, what happened to u? You find out you two needed to grow up a little. Some of the mean things that were said still sticks in your mind. As the two of you talk about the good ole days; you still have that connection you tried to find by seeing others and you see you only have it with this person. Both agree some things in the past that was said was so unnecessary and it was even that more childish to walk away. You two continue to talk through the night. The next day you had a prearranged planned date with someone else. Your entire date you are thinking of the conversation you had all night and you can’t focus on the person you are with because that connection is just not there. When your date is finally over and you two part you know exactly where your heart is. That evening you and your Ex talk again and even though it was a bitter divorce or separation it’s worth it to the two of you to pursue each other again.


See sometimes we leave for silly reasons. You actually learn there are so many bigger things to fight over. He or She has never put their hands on one or the other. There was no cheating or sneaking around. You learned that you two never learned how to talk to one another. Work and life’s anxieties were too much to deal with along with trying to work on a relationship, so you thought. The only reason there was any abusive speech was because the two of you were arguing trying to learn to deal with a new relationship.


So would you go back a second time? It all depends on your situation and the reason you left. Physical abuse is never a reason to resume or re-enter a relationship. Immaturity is a reason to try it again. There are situations that can be fixed. Abusive physical fighting relationships should never be repeated and are extremely hard to fix without therapy. The goal is to have a healthy relationship and immaturity is worth trying it a second time. You know what you had, its hard to know what you may get.


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