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Would You Really Like To Know Who That Person Is You’re Dating? Get A Hold Of Their Ipod!

Updated on July 3, 2009


I recently took a five hour drive to San Diego from Las Vegas (and another five hours back). Although I’m bummed that my car is not fully equipped with iPod integrated technology, I instead have the adapter that goes in your cigarette lighter and then broadcasts through your radio. A little static at times but then again it just makes me remember when I used to desperately “tune in” radio stations on my transistor radio back in the day. I’m an “album listener” on the whole when it comes to my iPod. I like to go on the journey the artist and/or Broadway show wants to take you on but for this trip I decided to try that old “Shuffle” feature. And let me just tell you, would you really like to know who that person is you’re dating? Get a hold of their iPod! – Don’t Get Me Started!

What I discovered (though I’m not going to lie to you, it was not a surprise discovery, just a discovery) is that my iPod says a lot about me and who I am. The musical soundtrack that makes up my life is all stored on that small device that no one even knew existed when I was young. That’s right, in my childhood we were amazed (and I had several of them) with the “Close and Play” record player. It was a molded plastic record player that you could put a record in, close it and carry it around with you and it would play music. (It was the ViewMaster of the record world and I loved it.) I could sing and dance all with the orchestra coming from the plastic box in my tiny grip. Then we went through the Sony Walkman clipped to our belts phase and then holding the portable CD players but never in our wildest dreams could we have imaged our massive record collections (both LP and 45’s) fitting on one small device. Well, I should say that I never imagined it but apparently the guys at Apple did, right?

As I drove and my iPod magically DJ’d for me, I realized that anyone who picked up my iPod and hit the shuffle button could learn an awful lot about me from listening to the music that I have assembled. Sure they would almost immediately find out that I was a Broadway lover but they might also be surprised to hear some classic Doobie Brothers as well. I wondered how many people had Dinah Shore and Dinah Washington on the same iPod. I wondered who might have Opera Babes and TLC on their iPod. The more I listened the more I realized that although someone may have the same tracks on their iPod, they would never have all the same exact music that I have, the music that according to my iPod would take something like fourteen days to listen to all of it if I listened non-stop. My iPod is like my fingerprint, it’s uniquely mine. It contains the things that I want on it, I have complete control over it (like my life) and I feel unashamed at the amount of disco, big band or Barbra Streisand on it that might cause some people embarrassment.

So as each track played and I became more entranced at not so much the diversity but all the great music that was on my iPod (and could name any of the songs in the first two notes and I knew almost every word to every song that came on) I wondered just what some friends, family, celebrities (alive and dead) might have on their iPod. I also came to a realization, I think that in the same way someone could learn a lot about me from listening to my iPod, I think I could learn a lot about someone else the same way. And to take it one step further for those of you who are thinking of trying to find forensic evidence about your lover, friend or whomever, I think you could learn more about a person by listening to their iPod than by talking to them.

If you think your boyfriend might be gay (and you’re not both guys and know you’re both gay) pick up that iPod. Sure there are straight guys who might possibly have a random Village People song on their iPod from some compilation CD they once bought but if you hear Donna Summer talking about “leaving the cake out in the rain” you have a gay on your hands. If you have someone who has a bunch of rap on their iPod, just get out of there as soon as possible. Not because they’re “thugs” but because that music isn’t music at all and how can you have any respect for anyone who listens to it? Judgmental? You bet but that’s what this is all about. It’s finding out that mysterious part of a person that they don’t easily share with anyone. And then of course making the decision as to whether or not you can live with someone who has everything the Allman Brothers ever recorded on their iPod. So save yourself expensive lawyers or private detectives and I say, would you really like to know who that person is you’re dating? Get a hold of their iPod! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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