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Writing Poetry for that Special Someone

Updated on July 5, 2013

Romance, I would say is an art. It comes natural to many the ways of being romantic while in a relationship. I feel we all must, if in a relationship in fact tap into this side of us at least a few times a month (maybe more). Romance keeps relationships alive and help them thrive. Romance tends to keep the love going. Romantic tasks don't have to be extravagant. They can very well be small tasks, that remind your partner that you love them. Not that telling them everyday wouldn't do this, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, this article I will try to explain the task of writing poetry as one of these small tasks. One would be surprised at how much can be said in but a few words. I'm a poet at heart and I've been asked by many for bit of my poetic pearls of wisdom and now I feel the need to give back by offering my approach to this wonderful art.

Everyone has their own method of writing poetry in terms of what inspires them. They way I've summed up how I write is "moments." I write in moments. What that means is I write during moments of high emotion. I feel that writing poetry in these moments helps to preserve them. How does this pertain to this article? Well one can't just go writing words for the sake of writing. In order for truth to be present in the words and for you to write the words you want to say, there has to be emotions present. This presence of emotions brings with it it's own truth, not to mention when read by your partner you both will feel it, like a transfer of emotion if you will. So that's where we start. The emotions. I'm going to use a personal poem to get this across.

Adele knows emotions!

The Emotions

First and foremost is the emotions. You have to feel something. You have to. If you don't you'll find yourself stuck in what's called writer's block. Emotions serve as a guide to where you're going. They help you figure out a general idea of what you want to say. Sure you can say I want to write about love. But love is so cliché in poetry. Also, it varies from person. Where does this love come from? What about this person do you love? In these moments, these are the questions you have to ask, and as you answer them and think about the answers you'll find yourself feeling certain ways about them. The writing should come from this feeling. The smile that creeps across your face when you think of her deep blue eyes; or the peace that overcomes you while your embraced in his arms. These thoughts evoke emotion and then you attempt to put this emotion in words. Now, since this is poetry, let's try not to go straight there if you know what I mean. Here's an example if you don't.

1: You're beautiful.

2: To that man with the perfect reflection, who holds my unyielding gaze.

That's what I like to call a little bit of poetic ruining. Obviously, 2 is what we want to go with. Yes we know that they're beautiful, but as I said in Your Way With Words you want to say something that will stick in their minds. You're beautiful is a bit plain if you understand. So getting back to these emotion things your feeling, let them guide you down the rabbit hole into this state of excitement, and then write from there. This is truly how good songs are created. Songs and writing that evoke emotions in those listening to or reading them, do this because they relate to whoever is listening to or reading them. That's because they were written from that place. So take that into account.

The Words

Now that we're in this heightened state, how do we say what we need to say? I generally work my way up to the message that I've been trying to get through in the poem. I like to take the subject of my writing through a journey with it. So, if the point you're trying to make to your partner is say, "I love you." I generally wouldn't make that point until the end of the poem. I would spend the poem building up the person reading it that the last line becomes a romantic KO, so to speak. I wrote this piece for a man. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how what I wanted to say. But I always remembered him saying how much he loved my smile. This hit a personal note in that I hid my smile for many years (personal reasons...), and as you can see, him saying something about my smile and the fact that my smile has become a personal matter, put me in this state where I wanted to tell him, he's the reason I smile. But I wasn't just going to say that. That would defeat the whole purpose of writing the poem. So I started it this way, this was written fairly near the beginning of our relationship:

At the expense of our heart,
do we let it fall into the mist.
We jump to hope we are caught
and forever fall with one another.
As I stare into the grey sea
and see beyond that pale layer,
I see the manifestation of an idea
children put their faith in but have
yet to understand.
Let's break it down. So, obviously there exist nothing in there about my smile. Why, because I haven't gotten to it yet. One shouldn't rush these things. It's the journey that makes the difference. It's not the destination, but how you get there. So I started with the fact that we're both taking a chance with this relationship. I also filled this with compliments. The grey sea referring to his eyes and the pale layer referring to his skin. See, poetic ruining. Spend the time making them feel good. Compliment them. Make sure they know that you think about them and care deeply. Continuing on:

Here I stand trying to comprehend
the path I've begun to walk.
The uncertainties we'll always fear
have yet to bring a halt to my wandering.
Even as I feel the want to fall to my knees,
some unknown strength keeps me upright,
giving me hope for the hazy future.

Of course the smile is the point of all of this. But I make several other points on the way. Make other points, remind them that you're as committed to this relationship as they think you are and that you've been paying attention. Finally the smile:

As the flame begins to grow, I don't
fear being burned in my desire for you.
From this mountain on which I stand,
I can see a world I've run from.
I can see the world that now embraces me,
opening itself to take this breath of chance.
I feel no need to run any longer.
No, in what little time we've had, I've
found the smile I've always hidden.

There it is. By the way, just to emphasize my idea of poetic ruining, the world that embraces me opening itself to take this breath of chance is referring to both his arms and his metaphorical world.

The best approach to the words would be to find the simple phrase you want to convey (e.g. "You're beautiful"), then come up with a creative way of saying it. Or, compare a part of them that you love (e.g. the eyes) to something that maybe the color reminds you of (e.g. blue eyes to the sky or the ocean or etc...). This will make a difference.

Now once you've taken all these into account, you'll find that you've written an emotional piece that's worth reading over and over again. You'll also find that you've created a memory that can be saved and looked back on. This looking back usually brings with it a rush of emotions felt when it was first written. Just remember the key to all of this is the emotions. The emotions translate into the words and the beauty of the piece. Reading it, you may think that it's worst thing you've ever read, but your partner, knowing that you wrote from the heart, will most likely think otherwise.


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      5 years ago from India

      Thanks for sharing. Voted up.


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