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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Updated on March 6, 2010

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the "standard" color of gold and is a popular metal choice for engagement rings. It is probably the most recognizable metal type- everyone knows what yellow gold is.

In this article I will explain what to look out for if you're considering buying a yellow gold engagement ring as well as some alternatives to yellow gold engagement rings if you're in the market for something a little different.

Variations of Yellow Gold Ring Designs

If you are in the market for a yellow gold engagement ring (or any other type of ring) and you find an unusually low priced ring, chances are the ring isn't really solid yellow gold. To save on costs, some jewelry manufacturers will coat a cheaper medal in gold so that it looks and feels solid but isn't.

Largest yellow gold bar in the world
Largest yellow gold bar in the world
Small yellow gold nuggets
Small yellow gold nuggets

Care and Treatment

An engagement ring spends a lot of time on your finger, but yellow gold engagement rings require special treatment.

The good news is that you won't need to do anything extraordinary with your ring in terms of maintenance. The bad news is that gold is a "soft metal", meaning it is more susceptible to damage if it is nicked or scratched by another hard object.

A great way to prevent natural wear and tear on your gold jewelry is to regularly polish and clean it. Often this can be done for free at any jewelry store.

Should you have extensive damage, most reputable jewelers also are able to repair gold jewelry. There's a cost for this, but it's worth it if your ring can be restored!

Why Buy a White Gold Engagement Ring?

There are two main reasons why people get yellow gold engagement rings (and white gold rings) instead of other types of rings. The first reason is price. Gold is less expensive than platinum, tungsten carbide or other metals. In fact, gold is one of the most cost-effective metals for jewelry.

The second reason many people choose yellow gold for their metal choice is simply because of the look. As I said earlier, yellow is the most recognized gold's the "standard". Often it's a status symbol or issue of pride- people want to be seen in gold!

Amazon engagement rings come in a variety of sizes and options.

Almost all dealers allow you to do one free ring size change should you not have the correct size!

Yellow and white gold rings next to each other
Yellow and white gold rings next to each other


Should you not want a standard yellow gold engagement ring, there are a number of alternatives including white gold engagement rings.

If you want to stay in the same price range as (or pay less than) the cost for yellow gold rings, the following are fine alternatives:

Or if money isn't as much of an issue you could get an expensive engagement ring.

Regardless of your price range and future spouse's tastes, good luck in your engagement ring-finding process!


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