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Yes I reject YOU

Updated on June 1, 2016

Reema was back to her office after a week of going through a rough patch of her broken engagement. Her mother and father were disgraced with all sorts of questions as to whether Reema didn't prove to be suitable for the boy or whether the boy had someone else in his life. It was an atmosphere of sorrow and pain in the family and the future appeared gloomy. The reality was Reema's father had asked for some more months to arrange for finances for the marriage and that the issue was blown out of proportion by the boy's side. Reema couldn't take this discourtesy and declined to marry the boy.

Few days later, a relative called up to say that the boy's side has lowered their demands and that they want the marriage to happen this month itself with no further demands. Intensive convincing efforts were made by parents to make Reema agree. But she didn't approve of that. Irritated and displeased, she wrote a letter to the boy.

Hello Rishi,

Even before the concept of superiority creeps in to your miserly mindset, let me make things very clear as to why have I rejected you.You must be thinking..."How do I have the audacity to decline your marriage proposal"? You are an extremely well settled professional with a bright future aspiring to go to overseas just to dig more gold. But your aspirations to get into that cosmopolitan lifestyle of the West, bothers me.

After spending X years overseas, you shall be wealthy enough to buy a villa and a luxury car and settle down. Oh! that means by declining your offer my future stands bleak and I will be living my life in some B-grade town of India with a desi dumb. But I shall be more than happy to do so if he is not as miserly as you are and does not impress upon me the gravity of my loss in monetary terms.

I also stand to miss out on being a part of a great family. A family that is very modern, where the daughter-in-law will be there to look after them and a son-in-law should be treated like a God, where independence and privacy are western concepts and they don't care about these "western views".The family which is very forward-looking but has a pandit ji to decide whether the girl shall be auspicious for the home and family.

Hey, you have an exceptionally well-decorated house with AC and smart TV in each of the bedrooms with the latest ''must-have'' appliances. The parents are very well educated though they pronounce station as EEsh-ta-son and thursday as Thruss-day. Having a hobby is a waste of time for them because the only collective obsession and interest is Money...a bunch of living, self-boasting price tags.

See, I understand, last year only you got your sister married and that costed a fortune. Also, you have this luxurious house recently bought. So, with so much of outflows, you need some inflows also and what's better than getting some dowry as your parents had the benefit of producing a SON. But it seems that they are not confident enough of your capabilities and earnings.

I should logically consider that my father will be your relative post-marriage and his money should be part of yours in the larger context. That is why, there was just a demand to bear the full cost of marriage function and wedding reception, air-fare of all the relatives, insignificant costs of food, drinks and their stay along with the usual deliverable like clothing, jewellery, gifts etc. After all, you are the groom's side. But I believe that my marksheet should matter more than my father's balance sheet.

I am happy not to be a part of this family who eats, talks and breathes money at all times. Happy not to pay this price for a miserable life ahead. Happy to be deprived of the bliss that I would have encountered with your cultured-educated-modern-wealthy family and You.

Take care


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