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You Can Attract The (Man) Person Of Your Dreams.

Updated on August 10, 2011
Love is within everyone's reach.
Love is within everyone's reach.

How to attract the man of your dreams.

So many times it is heard by women that there are no available men around. More than this are heard countless stories women tell of men that just didn’t turn out to be right for them. The key however to attract the man of your dreams is to know what you want. There is a visualization exercise that will aid one in attracting what man you want. This also works for men as well so everyone can continue to read along.

Now the principles I have laid out below can work for just about anything you want. What the heart wants, the mind can make happen, but you have to know what you want and believe in yourself to attain it.

1. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in an empty lobby with a glass wall to the outside and a revolving door. Suddenly all sorts of men (or women if you're a man) start walking in front of the glass wall building and into the lobby by the revolving doors. These men come in a great variety of heights, hair and eye color, sizes, personalities and so on.

2. Now see them with their qualities and personalities. Attractive men. Successful men. Artistic men. Men who are good with building things. Men who have strong belief in God. Men who are adventurers. Men who believe only in the power of themselves to succeed.

3. Now decide which are most attractive to you and your personality and lifestyle. This is the step where you isolate this image. Now only the men who possess only those attributes that are truly attractive your wants and needs are coming through this door. They come only in the physical packages that you are attracted too.

4. Now only see one man with the total package. Hold that image in your mind. Have him look directly at you and walk towards you in a way to let you know that he desires the qualities that you have as being the woman of his dreams.

5. Each morning when you rise and each night before you go to sleep, take three to five minutes and hold this image in your mind. Soon your sub-conscience will start directing you to this man. The laws of attraction will lead you to your dreams.


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