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"You Can't Always Go by What Roy Says..."

Updated on November 19, 2012

"Well I just don’t know,”

Yesterday, during dinner at the Teleford Diner, Roy Foster, Dan Kyte and I were discussing the scheduled Influenza vaccinations beginning the next day at the Mountain Home Veterans Administration facility here in Johnson City. It was to be my first experience receiving my flu shot here at the local VA. The conversation went something like this… “Well shouldn’t we go early to be sure of getting a parking place before the rush,” I inquired. “Well I just don’t know,” said Roy, “Last year they were going to set up in the parking lot…, he was saying, “That’s a good Idea, just drive through and get your shot without ever leaving your car,” I inserted. “It might be better to go the next Saturday, they are scheduled then also aren’t they?” Dan chimed in. Well yes, they were scheduled for the next three Saturdays, the 16th, the 23rd and the 30th, 8 AM – 3 PM, But you know how men are, the sooner the better, let’s just get it over with, that sorta thing.

I was not having much success...

I was actually scheduled to see my ‘lung doctor’ in about 3 or 4 weeks anyway, I would say I could get my flu shot then and it wouldn’t cost me anything since I’m on MediCare also. Decisions, decisions, I can’t make up my mind. “Mr Dan’s feelin’ poorly anyway, aren’t you Dan?” “Next weekend might be better,” Dan said, like he was wanting to change the subject about anything other than we veterans receiving our flu shots, this was going to ruin his dinner I thought. And it might be raining or something else by next Saturday was all I could think about, next Saturday was a week away. I was not having much success in creating an interest for going tomorrow morning and all of us guys getting our vaccination and being done with it for this year. I even suggested that one or two of us could park at WalMart and carpooling so we wouldn’t have to worry about finding parking for three separate vehicles. No luck, I was beginning to worry as to why the guys didn’t want to go together to get their shots. Did they not do well with shots? I remember one guy in basic training was actually fearful of the experience and threw a fit getting so many inoculations at one time, but this was just a simple flu shot, no big deal, I thought.

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a long line...waiting to get their flu shot

I awoke this morning and there was a slight frost on the roof across the street. I hadn’t realized the temperature had gone so low over night. It was Saturday, the day my wife went to the bank and WalMart to shop. “Honey, if you don’t mind, would you drive through the VA on your way to the bank and see if there is much activity, like you know, a long line where you know, every veteran in the world is lined up, waiting to get their flu shot today,” I ask. She said she would so I sat down trying to think of something to write another hub about. I looked through my emails, read a few hubs, got up and went to the window to find that the day was warming up nicely. Still, no hub ideas.

I parked right in front of the hospital...

When my wife came in she said she didn’t see anything unusual at the VA, not a lot of traffic or anything like that. So I decided to go and see for myself. Guess what, I parked right in front of the VA hospital, went right in, showed my card and got my flu shot. I couldn’t believe it. No problem, whatsoever! When I got home my wife came out to greet me as she usually does and ask, “how did everything go?” I explained I had no problem at all, and remembering the lop-sided conversation at the diner the day before she just remarked, “You can’t always go by what Roy says…”

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  • samsons1 profile image

    Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

    thanks Putz, I always enjoy your work also.


  • profile image

    Fiddleman 7 years ago

    Good read, I think I must know Roy. lol Me and my son got flu shots at Walgreen's last year and they sent a post card this year. No appointment was necessary, we walked right in told the gal our names and bingo, roll up your sleeves and it was a done deal in about 15 minutes. Hope it keeps us from getting the flu.