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You WILL Reap What You Sow-Part 2

Updated on December 14, 2012

We were bound to bump into each other since we lived in such a small town and attended the same church. The church problem wasn't as difficult because there were over 1000 members. Advantage was that if you didn't like a group, you could just move to a different section of the church and viola! New people to talk to. Disadvantage-our sections of people often knew each other.

One of her "peeps" came to me and told me that she had asked prayer for me because "she has a devil possessing her" My head never rotated 360 degrees, I never vomited split pea soup and my voice didn't change-unless I was trying to hit a high note while singing. When I confronted her about this and asked why she didn't come to me, she replied that she wanted nothing to do with the evil that surrounded me.

We really weren't making enough money to now take on the expenses that the divorce covered. We were responsible for her half of her credit cards bills-sidebar-ALWAYS get your own divorce attorney to protect your interests. We didn't and had to financially bear more than our share of bills. Our son wanted to go to college and because she overlooked a deadline, he would not be able to attend in the fall. Great news for us! If he didn't go to college, child support would have stopped. However, we did not want our son to be punished because she overlooked something. So we prayed and received guidance that our son should go and we should pony up the money.

Now we needed a job that would be able to afford us the little luxuries of life like food and a car. We had been looking at a job that we could work together and decided upon team over the road truck drivers. Me? Drive something that you have to shift gears? Me? Driving something that takes the length of a football field to stop? Me? Working on a piece of equipment that might make me dirty? YES! So we attended truck driving school on the weekends and worked regular jobs during the week. Little did we realize a potential wedge could be interjected between us and our son.

When we informed Tipper of what we were planning, she hit the roof! We explained the rationale and she blamed me for coming into Matt's life and tearing him from her. Had she completely lost her mind? Did she really believe that I had broken up their happy little hearth and home? Had she forgotten that she became addicted to the internet and chat rooms and claiming to be a sex addict?

Drew was becoming isolated and we weren't sure if it was because we were now on the road or if because Tipper and Matt had divorced? Was it just a part of being a moody teenager? Tipper had demanded that Drew live with her after the divorce and she held up that Matt and I were sinners and no matter how much prayer we did or how many times we sought counseling, we would never be "right with God"

To be continued...


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    • gretchen c profile image

      gretchen c 

      5 years ago

      Sorry that you are going through this...


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