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You WILL Reap What You Sow-Part 3

Updated on December 14, 2012

Tipper and I had tried the internet Facebook thing and I thought things were going to turn around. However, one day I tried to message her and she blocked me! I emailed her and asked her what I had done for her block me. Her response was "someone who knows our past history thought it best". Made no sense to me either.

But the biggest shock was finding out that she had written a book about her addiction and it was so full of lies! I tried, unsuccessfully to get answers from her but she refused to answer. I did get answers from another source and it just blew my mind! She of course admitted to being co-dependent with her son to the point that when she was in recovery, she would let Drew listen in on her sex conversations with other men. I ask, what kind of a mother would do that to her budding 16 year old son. But she sees no wrong in it.

We tried, several times, unsuccessfully to get him to move in and take care of our home while we were traveling. He had one semester left of college and dropped out. But he would not move in with us.All he had to do was occupy the house. All bills were paid by us-mortgage, cable, cell phone, etc. He did however, move in with her. She had lost her job and so he moved 3 hours north to pay her bills and give her companionship. The only rationale I could come up with was that she guilted him into it.

I did ask him what his mother said was the cause of the divorce and he looked straight at me and replied "you".

We have come to his aid financially again and again. We have bought him cars and computers while he was in college. We have paid for electric bills and even loaned him our vehicle for 18 months. His mother did none of this because she couldn't. She even went so far as to say that his "worthless" father had only did one thing and buy him one car.

After reading her 3 books that she wrote, I did write bad reviews for them. But this is a woman who sees nothing wrong with "sleeping" with a man all night but nothing sexual happening? Tipper used to, in fact, encourage Drew t have sleep overs with college girls. When I found out about these "sleepovers" I would try to convince him that that activity is special to a woman but Drew sees nothing wrong with it.


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    • gretchen c profile image

      gretchen c 5 years ago

      Maybe "Tipper" is trying to get back love by "sleeping" with these people?