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You will not find love until February

Updated on January 10, 2015


Here is why..

Walking along the streets, I can see a few couples here and there. Some holding hands, others walking side by side, some in what seems to be a formal talk, in others the man pockets as they walk silently. Something is stoking about all these couples, the man does not seem as happy as the lady next to them. Though at times the lady will be smiling, the man keeps on with the formal talk. One would be forgiven to assume, the lady is laughing off the man’s silence. There is the campus lot who seem all happy after pocket money has been poured into their pockets.

January comes after December, a month where everyone turns to be a hedonist. During the festivities, even the least expected lads will imbibe till dawn. First, there is the eve of Christmas which nowadays seem to start a week to Christmas, then there is Christmas, Boxing Day and then the New Year. Then there is no money for January, there is the landlord knocking on your door (worse if it is a landlady), there is school going children who want fees and the list of problems continue.

All these weigh heavily on a man’s head and he cannot think of anything else. Women, more so, homemakers have no clue what goes on in a man’s head. When there is no money, there is no peace for a man. When there is no peace in a man’s head, there is no love. When there is no love, there are no gifts or sweet words like I will look for you when we go to heaven.

Whoever made February a love month must have had a rough January. I guess Valentine must have had it rough with his love. They must have argued over food that is not garnished or some silly mistake of the man not listening while the lady of the house was speaking. He must have failed to do the thing in bed because like you ladies, ours also depend on the attention we give. But we are thinking about money. We are thinking of the client who promised to some bucks today but later said she forgot and has traveled abroad. “I will send you immediately am back”, a hangout reads. We cannot stop fantasizing of mid-month and how good it will feel to get that salary advance. We always think of the doubles of whiskey we have missed during that short period, of the days we have stayed in-doors dreading guts to step out with only bus fare to work tomorrow. We think of the loan we took to have children go back to school.

You may find it romantic when a man stays in-doors in January watching predictable soap operas where the star players will first have it rough in their relationship and finally reunite. It is not his wish to watch parliament proceedings while an ice cold Tusker lies on the bar shelf unattended. It is the January mood and I guess it is ubiquitous.

When February comes, we promise to buy you gifts while we also pay for the whiskey we missed. It is not that our love for you goes down, only that we have issues in our heads we cannot ignore. Money.


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